Can You Get Past the Board? by Dr. Richard Weinblatt

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Many otherwise promising candidates for a police department’s or sheriff’s office’s open law enforcer slots find themselves shot down at the oral board portion of the selection process. Many of the people that talk to me seeking advice on how to get by these gatekeepers on the oral review panel are unsure what do expect. Even worse, some folks think they know what they’re in for and their false sense of confidence dooms them from the start.

This quiz is designed to give you an idea of the types of questions posed by law enforcement agency hiring oral boards. Bear in mind that while the specific questions and methods can vary widely from agency to agency, the general principles tend to hold true in most settings.

Also, your answers to these types of questions should be individualized and reflect who you are as a person. The answers used in this quiz are to illustrate the concepts that you should be aware of in formulating your answers at a real oral panel. They are only samples of possible answers and should not be used verbatim if they do not fit you. Use the concepts they illustrate to craft an honest answer that comes from your heart and conveys to the board who you are.

Don’t fabricate an answer that only is geared to giving the board the answer you think they are looking for. The panel members are trained interviewers. They can sniff out an answer that is not a genuine reflection of you as a person.

The accompanying article explains each of the answers and the reasoning behind why the choices would be right or wrong.

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