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    Tactical Tip: Gas Mask is Not an SCBA Danger!

    Have you inspected your gas mask this year? ISI (now known as AVON) has developed a gas mask that integrates the Tactical SCBA System. Operators please note that in a fire or low oxygen environment your gas mask is useless without a SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). The new AVON C-50 gas mask has incorporated a new model for 2007 that ...
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    Smoke On The Water

    Smoke On The Water
    It is easy to relax and enjoy the sea or a beautiful waterway. The sound of waves crashing. Children digging sand castles or a day of fishing in a clear lake with a cold beer in hand. I’m sure we all have some fond memories involving the water. It is easy to forget that the waterways and shores of our homeland ...
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    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol: Part IV

    *Mindset* - No matter who you train with or how you train, take it seriously. When I train, I try to make it as real in my mind as I can. The targets are not paper. They are the bad guys. Never give up the fight. Weapons break, malfunction or just don’t work sometimes. If it happens to you, think about ...
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    Counseling and Support for S.W.A.T. Personnel

    In Fort Lauderdale, FL, one member of the Broward County Sheriff's Department SWAT team underwent an ordeal extreme even by special weapons and tactics standards. Within only a few years, this deputy sheriff was involved in four deadly shooting incidents. Although he was completely exonerated in all cases, the local media caused additional stress in an already psychologically debilitating episode by ...
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    Law Enforcement’s Role in Immigration

    Law Enforcement’s Role in Immigration
    Since Immigration matters are usually handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the interior of the United States and by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at our borders, local law enforcement officers have taken a “hands off” attitude towards immigration enforcement. Simply put – local law enforcement officers can’t enforce Federal law so they don’t concern themselves with immigration or ...
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    A Date with Destiny - Part I

    Once Upon a Time in America: Picture yourself attending a lecture in an auditorium of a local College, where you are taking classes to complete your master’s degree. You are an off duty police officer seated in the audience listening to a presentation on community policing by a highly esteemed professor, when suddenly a heavily armed man dressed in black bursts ...
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    A Date with Destiny - Part II

    Five Phases of the Active Shooter A simple view of the active shooter was developed and is being trained by Lt. Dan Marcou retired from the La Crosse, Wisconsin Police Department. He developed the program while working for the La Crosse Police Department and was able to apply the philosophy with real world success. One of the successes earned Officer Bob ...
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    A Date with Destiny - Part III

    On Duty Tactics Officers responding to a call of an active shooter must realize they have been thrust into a position that calls for decisive action and what they decide to do can save lives and minimize casualties. Training can help prepare the first responding officers for the moment they arrive at the scene of such an incident. This is a ...
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