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    Using the Tactical Combat Fighting Stance

    Using the Tactical Combat Fighting Stance
    What is the best stance for officers in the field to work from that gives the most options in the most situations they may face while on duty? Debated and discussed often and especially during firearms training, it comes down to what they were taught and its compatibility to basic body functions under stress. Deciding what to present to students can ...
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    Movement in the Firearms Training Theater

    Movement in the Firearms Training Theater
    Many firearms instructors cringe over the fact that they need to incorporate movement into their firearms semiannual qualification program. This should not be anything out of the ordinary which they teach on a regular basis even though it is spelled out in “Popow vs. Margate.” Instructors need not forget the basics. First and foremost, they need to understand the concept of ...
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    Establishing SWAT Teams and Importance of “Real Time” Training

    Through the history of law enforcement and establishment of Special Weapons and Tactics Units, there have been so many changes in the world of SWAT and how we perform each operation but when all is said and done, one of the most important aspects of the SWAT unit is serious training. Throughout my law enforcement career I have spent many years ...
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    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol

    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol
    I had no idea it could get so hot in Maine. It has to be near 100 degrees. The sun is beating down hard on my salty back and red neck as I stare at my target. I’m rubbing my blistered finger tips together listening to the monkeys in my head. My back is sore as hell and I can feel ...
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    Training Our Cops For Combat

    Training Our Cops For Combat
    If you read the world news headlines it's easy to find articles about terrorist acts being committed in other countries and how the specific country's military responded. This is a common theme all around the world. Terrorist group commits act - country's selected military unit responds. Why is that? Because terrorists commit acts of violence that are, for all intents and ...
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    Selections vs. Qualifications Training

    Selections vs. Qualifications Training
    Back in 1985, when I was a not-so-young U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenant, I found myself attending a grueling two week school called the “Army Air Loader” course. As I originally understood it, this course would teach me all about loading my battalion’s equipment on to an airplane for deployment somewhere overseas. To this day, I am still trying to figure out ...
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    Defensive Tactics Versus Combative Tactics

    Defensive Tactics Versus Combative Tactics
    I really think it’s time that we in the police community need to stop sugar coating hand to hand combat. We create all of these politically correct terms and phrases that really lead officers away from what is really going on out there on the street. What is defensive tactics? When I am attacked as a police officer I am trained ...
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    Active Shooter: Considerations After VT

    In the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting, departments across the country are reviewing their approach to active shooter situations. This has been the first major tweaking of the Move to Contact scenario since they were devised after law enforcement’s Columbine High School experience. After Columbine, most tacticians in the business reassessed the "sit and wait for SWAT" approach and eschewed ...
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