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    Police Management Textbooks - Does Size Really Matter?

    Police Management Textbooks - Does Size Really Matter?
    When you write promotional tests for police agencies based on the latest and greatest supervision and management textbooks, you sometimes shudder when one of your colleagues opens your office door and comes in with a package. "Which 700+ page behemoth is it this time?" you ask. You know the monster books I mean - where the authors are paid by their ...
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    Active Shooter Reality Check

    Active Shooter Reality Check
    "We don't have to worry because emergency responders will be here in no time." "Our SWAT Team is the best in the county and will take care of the threat before they can do any substantial harm." "We instinctively know what to do during an emergency. People are like that you know." Which one of the above is true? The ...
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    School Violence and Liability

    When school violence is discussed, the April, 1999, massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, represents the worst case this country has seen... so far: a teacher and twelve students were killed and twenty-three others were wounded by two teenaged students. And it could have been much worse. Had the most powerful of the suspects' bombs detonated the death toll ...
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    School Interrogations

    In Fare v, Michael C., 442 U.S. 707 (1979) the United States Supreme Court determined that there is no per se rule regarding a juvenile's ability to waive their rights under the decision in Miranda. The Court ruled that a totality of the circumstances analysis determines the validity of the waiver. In assessing the totality of the circumstances, courts should consider ...
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    School Liability for Student Arrest

    White v. Rapides Parish School Board, 867 So.2d 146 (LA. Ct. App. 3rd Cir. 2004) On April 12, 2000, William Shepherd, a sixth-grader rode his sister's bicycle to school. Another student observed the bicycle and believed it was one that had been stolen from her. School officials gave the student permission to take a closer look and when she identified scratches ...
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    School Use Of Force

    An issue which sometimes arises in the context of the school environment is the use of force against a student. The facts surrounding this use of force may determine how a court will analyze the force. Will it may analyzed under a Fourth Amendment reasonableness analysis?; Will it be analyzed as a substantive due process violation? Or; Will it be analyzed ...
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