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    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car

    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car
    “G-ride, Hot Roller, Code 37” - no matter what you call it, arresting someone driving a stolen car is solid police work. In this article we are going to examine 15 tactics that will assist you in locating stolen cars. Before we look at these tactics, let’s review a couple of basic legal questions. First, you need little, if any, reasonable ...
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    The History and Importance of Police Training

    The History and Importance of Police Training
    Gone are the days of a county sheriff handing his buddy a badge and gun and “Deputizing” him to go out on the street and enforce laws that he/she had never been trained in. In today’s modern law enforcement world, police training is as important as doctors attending medical school or lawyers passing the bar exam. Without properly trained police officers, ...
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    5 Must-Do Patrol Car Checks

    5 Must-Do Patrol Car Checks
    Whether you have a shared patrol car or a take-home unit, almost every officer, deputy sheriff, and trooper I know checks over their car and its equipment before the shift. After all, this is your mobile office. You need it to do your job and its smooth operation may even save your life one day. Some agencies mandate the inspection in ...
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    10 Ways to Minimize Complaints

    Countless times I have dealt with citizens who came to my office with complaints regarding the conduct of law enforcers in my agency. While many of them turned out to be unfounded after an investigatory look, a few citizen initiated objections are grounded in misunderstanding and even some truth. Giving the angry person a chance to vent certainly helps to alleviate ...
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    Domestic Disturbance Response: 10 Tips for Winning at these Volatile Calls

    Around ten years ago, as a patrol division deputy sheriff with the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I walked up some porch stairs to knock on the door of a mobile home. Suddenly, I was tackled on the front porch by a 175-pound sheet rock hanger who was annoyed that I responded to the repeat domestic ...
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    Burglar Alarm Response: Avoiding Danger

    "Oh %%@@##!, not another burglar alarm.!" We've all said it. All working cops know that the vast majority of burglar alarms calls are false. The problem has become so bad that some jurisdictions are levying fines against owners with repeated alarm activations. And of course, any storm with hard rain or strong winds will surely get that dispatcher to call stack ...
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    Major Lesson Plan/Dealing with the Mentally Ill

    Hypothetical #1 Officers stop a vehicle for a motor vehicle violation. Upon approaching the vehicle they notice that the single occupant appears to be acting irrationally. The man accuses the officers of being aliens from out of space. Question: What steps should officers take to insure their safety as well as the safety of the subject? Answers: Inform the subject that ...
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    Miranda and Interrogation

    Over the past couple of years courts have seen a renewed number of claims based upon allegations related to violations of the 5th Amendment self-incrimination clause as well as violations of the rule announced in Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966). Two cases decided on June 28th 2004 provide some guidance for law enforcement agencies with respect to the reaches ...
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    Motor Vehicle/Search Incident to Arrest

    In Thornton v. United States, ___U.S.___, 124 S.Ct. 2127 (2004), the United States Supreme Court clarified the reach of the Search Incident to Arrest rules when the arrest involves a suspect who had been the occupant of a vehicle. The issue in Thornton is whether an officer may constitutionally search a vehicle incident to arrest when the arrestee has stepped away ...
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    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol

    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol
    With a public always looking to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt and high profile police officers and deputy sheriffs never making mistakes that catch the public eye, this article is devoted to giving the aspiring and veteran law enforcer alike ten sure fire tips on how to generate complaints from the public and your supervisors. If you ...
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