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    Roll-Call Training

    Body: Hypothetical: Officer Courtney observes a subject, Mr. Eubanks, who he has reasonable suspicion, (but not probable cause), to believe has been involved in the shoplifting of a can of beer. Officer Courtney stops Eubanks. Question: Can Officer Courtney constitutionally conduct a frisk of Eubanks, for officer safety, prior to questioning him? Answer: No, not under the facts provided. Shoplifters are ...
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    Roll-call Training and Lesson Plan:Disorderly Conduct/Fighting Words – 5 minute Lesson Plan

    Objective: Reiterate law and policy as it relates to disorderly conduct/fighting words and provide officers with framework for arrest decision: The following is best undertaken by question/answer session utilizing scenarios where appropriate: Have officers articulate the elements of a disorderly conduct arrest (specifically provisions such as “fighting words.) Ask officers to identify how they would distinguish fighting words from other expressions. ...
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    Roll-Call Training: Duty to Intervene

    Hypothetical: (Sergeant should use names of officers at the roll-call to emphasize the reality of such hypothetical situations): Officer Boehm, let’s suppose we have a high-speed pursuit this evening. The pursuit travels some distance and the suspect makes several aggressive actions toward police cruisers. Let’s further suppose that the suspect finally bails out of his vehicle proceeds to flee on foot. ...
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    Roll-Call Training: Exigent Entry

    **Hypothetical:** An officer sees a man carrying an open alcoholic beverage on a public street. Public drinking is an offense in the jurisdiction and carries a penalty of a one hundred dollar fine. When the man sees the officer he runs down the street and into a house. +Question:+ Can the officer pursue the man into the house under the exigent ...
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    Active Shooter Reality Check

    Active Shooter Reality Check
    "We don't have to worry because emergency responders will be here in no time." "Our SWAT Team is the best in the county and will take care of the threat before they can do any substantial harm." "We instinctively know what to do during an emergency. People are like that you know." Which one of the above is true? The ...
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    7 Things Cops Should Never Say To Anyone

    7 Things Cops Should Never Say To Anyone
    Dr. George J. Thompson is the President and Founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, a tactical training and management firm now based in Auburn, NY. For full details on Dr. Thompson's work and training, please visit the Verbal Judo Web Site. Safety lies in knowledge. If you deal with cagey street people, or indeed difficult people at all, anywhere, you need ...
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    On the Street: Non-Verbal Messages

    Non-verbal suspect communication during an interview or interrogation could provide a police investigator with basic information that may help determine a suspect’s level of honesty and cooperation. These non-verbal cues can be broken down into several categories, which are not limited to but may include: neuron linguistic assessment, verbal response latency, verbal speed, speech volume changes and physical posturing. *Which Side ...
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    DUI and Motorcycles

    Alcohol intoxication is a leading factor in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Law enforcement officers have been trained to identify driving patterns that indicate a probability that a motorcyclist is driving while intoxicated. The driving patterns that police typically look for have been outlined by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA has delineated a number of "cues" that police ...
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    20 U.S. Cities With the Most Drunk Drivers

    Think you've seen more than your fair share of intoxicated motorists? Did you know that there are two million repeat drunk drivers on the road at any given time? Always be aware of your surroundings, especially if you live in or near the following twenty cities. This list was based on the top 20 cities by population, according to the ...
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    Traffic Stops and Control of Passengers

    In 1997, the United States Supreme Court held, in Maryland v. Wilson, that it is reasonable for officers to order passengers in a lawfully stopped automobile to exit the vehicle.i The court reasoned that there must be a balance during a traffic stop between the need of the police to maintain officer safety and the Fourth Amendment rights of passengers. The ...
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    Search and Seizure of Real Property

    Search and Seizure of Real Property
    There are many legal issues for law enforcement officers to contend with in regards to Search and Seizure of persons and property. In order to effectively understand search and seizure law and procedure, it’s important to have a basic understanding of related history and case law. Fundamental issues to consider when dealing with Search and Seizure include probable cause, search warrant ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: Arrest Warrants

    Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with the task of executing arrest warrants Objective: Provide officers with essential knowledge of the law relating to execution of arrest warrants Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes, but this may be expanded where agency resources allow Materials: Law Enforcement Risk Management Legal Update SEE PAGE 6, March 2004; ...
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    10 Tips for Officers Engaged in Off-Duty Incidents

    In the wake of the Salt Lake City mall shooting incident involving an off-duty Ogden City Police officer, I spoke with one of our police academy recruit classes. As typical the almost 40 newly minted “blue shirts” were eager to embark on their law enforcement careers and make a difference. They were eager to get involved and for most of them, ...
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    Blocking Suspect’s Car is a Seizure

    Indiana v. Stickle, 2003 Ind.App. LEXIS 1304 (IN Ct. App. 2003). Members of the Indiana State Police received information regarding a drug deal that was going to take place at a McDonald’s restaurant in Batesville. The tipster provided the names of the individuals involved and indicated the vehicle which would be driven by the suspects. Officers placed the restaurant under surveillance ...
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    Consent Searches of Motor Vehicles

    A major issue in law enforcement today involves the concept of consent searches of motor vehicles. There is little consistency among courts as to when an officer can ask a motorist for consent and the circumstances under which such a search can take place. Some of the confusion has been the result of state court decisions as well as legislation impacting ...
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    3 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

    3 Lessons Learned the Hard Way
    1. Search Every Room We were serving a search warrant with tribal police on a residence on Indian Land. The house wasn’t too big and we had a CI’s sketch of the interior. I’ve never liked relying on the word of a strung out informant but the boss had faith in it. For some reason, because two agencies were involved, they ...
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    Creative Cuffing for Small-Wristed Subjects

    In defensive tactics for policing, we're always looking for ways to *control* (that operative word is bolded on purpose) the behaviorally challenged individual. Unfortunately, not all wrists come in a convenient size to fit our handcuffs. Many people with slender wrists, particularly juveniles, are able to slip out of the cuffs despite our best efforts to do the right things. This ...
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    Ramming During Pursuit: “Deadly Force”

    In Harris v. Coweta County, 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 6721 (11th Cir. 2005), the United States Court of Appeal analyzed a ramming during a police pursuit under deadly force principles and refused to grant the officer summary judgment or qualified immunity. Victor Harris was clocked speeding by a deputy while driving a vehicle that was actively registered to him. When the ...
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    Active Shooter: Plan, Prepare, and Initiate

    Through the past 4 years of conducting active shooter instructor training programs as well as basic operations programs for all law enforcement, we have been privileged to work with some of the most highly motivated and best officers in the world. This is due to the fact the majority have attended the programs with an “open mind” which gives an added ...
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    Returning DL Can Help Avoid Consent Problems

    Vehicle searches are conducted on a daily basis by police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers on roadways throughout the country. And every day defense lawyers are successful in getting judges to suppress evidence obtained by showing that the vehicle operator's consent to search was not voluntary. In order to keep the Exclusionary Rule at bay, law enforcers requesting consent need ...
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