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    Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said

    Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said
    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't." -General Patton Like most cops, I was seriously angered when I heard about a certain Ex-Cop and how he had gone from being a police officer to teaching criminals how to smuggle dope. It doesn't matter where you're from, a traitor is a traitor. And a traitor has no friends, ...
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    Human Trafficking: A Crime Against Humanity

    A ten-year old girl cowers in the corner of a dirty dark room. Standing in front of her is a full-grown man. It is not her father, brother or friend. He is not there to punish her for a wrongful act or comfort her in a time of crisis. He is there to commit an act against her that few of ...
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    Methamphetamine Driven Combat Operations

    Based on combat observations and medical studies by the US and British military it is becoming apparent that methamphetamine use among the terrorist population is on a dramatic increase. Used as a strategic tool methamphetamine offers those in the Iraqi Area of Operations a whole new trend of issues that compromise the safety of those combating terrorism. Whether operating as a ...
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    Since September 11, 2001 the citizens of the United States have been introduced to a type of warfare that they are not very familiar with and not altogether comfortable being involved in. We are now facing groups of individuals who operate in a manner that is concealed, motivated and “group-serving”. They show themselves at will and either die in the carnage ...
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    Recognizing Methamphetamine Use

    When a drug like methamphetamine ("meth") hits an area, all rules are thrown out the window. Meth use and abuse will ultimately result in delinquent and criminal behavior, often in the form of secondary crimes to fuel the use/addiction. Families are usually the first victims out of convenience, but after awhile, general crime (including violent offenses) will be the end result. ...
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    Drug Enforcement and Holsters

    When I transferred to a countywide Drug Task Force in January 1996 I thought I had considered everything that would be relevant to my new assignment. I was wrong. I went from wearing a full police uniform and gun belt to jeans and T-shirts – in other words plain clothes. I quickly was presented the issue of how was I going ...
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    Made in America

    Made in America
    American law enforcement is seeing a whole new phenomenon erupt in the drug enforcement business. Over the past several years the explosion of clandestine methamphetamine labs has forced us into a whole new way of thinking and the way we do our jobs. Drug enforcement in general has adapted over the years to keep up with those involved in the drug ...
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    Becoming a Narc

    Becoming a Narc
    I was transferred to the local Drug Task Force in January 1996. I was straight out of the uniform division and I can now admit that my drug enforcement experience was limited to pulling a little bit of dope out of someone’s pocket after an unrelated arrest. After I was transferred I asked myself what was I stepping into. Here is ...
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    Narcs and Weapons

    As a drug enforcement officer / detective working undercover (UC) is the grass roots of what we do. This can be as complex as interjecting yourself into an organization or as simple as pretending to be a drunk passed out of a bench in order to conduct some type of strategic surveillance. Either way you are pretending to be someone you ...
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    Knock and Talk vs. Plain View: "I See Weed"

    A December 2003 Michigan Court of Appeals decision sheds some light on how courts might limit the use of the "knock and talk" technique. See Michigan, v. Galloway, 259 Mich. App. 634; 675 N.W.2d 883; 2003 Mich. App. LEXIS 3134. In May 2001, the Michigan State Police marijuana eradication team received an anonymous tip that marijuana was being grown on an ...
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    Is a "Meth" Lab Coming to Your School?

    It's inevitable that someday, somewhere, a meth lab will be found in a school. Sooner or later some enterprising chemistry student will put his book learning to practical use. What's to stop him? The manufacturing process involves little more than following a cake recipe and the ingredients needed to make the drug can be bought at the local hardware store, so ...
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