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    I Live to Nap, and I Nap to Live

    No discussion of police stress and dealing with shift work can be complete without looking at the universal need for sleep, and the consequences of both not getting enough sleep or having irratic sleep patterns. Police stress and shift work go together. Sleep news: scientific news related to sleep. It was reported last week in a reputable magazine, Science, that researchers ...
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    I stopped another officer for drunk driving

    No other police stress "Ask the Shrink" column that I wrote for Patrol Log Magazine(Sept., 1993) generated as much controversy and antagonism as this one. It is still relevant five years later. Unfortunately little has changed in the way many departments handle alcohol abuse and/or alcohol dependence with their officers when they run afoul of the law themselves. Police aren't imune ...
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    Obstacles to Seeking Help: The Ugly Shrink

    LEO's and therapists are often at odds with each other. There are many reasons for this. For starters, members of both professions profess to have special, or even "secret" knowledge and understanding about human nature and deviant behavior. Each feels that their approach and the philosophy behind it are correct and the other's is wrong. I've been on both sides, and ...
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    Panic Attacks

    I haven't written about this most common (ranking about equal with depression in terms of numbers afflicted) of the unfortunate manifestations of the human psychic mechanism until now because it seemed there was ample information available. And there certainly is: books, magazine articles, cyberpsychology web sites and periodic television specials. However much information there is, it doesn't help police officers who ...
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    One o'clock in the morning. July. You're a white cop patrolling an affluent section of town. As usual there isn't a car on the road. Typical. Inaction waiting for action. You notice a Mercedes 300D pull into a large colonial and observe a man, woman, and two children exit, open the trunk and begin to take out suit cases. "Back from ...
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    Some words for police officers who were on the front lines of terror

    9/22/01 Like most Americans I watched in horror as we experienced this centuries Pearl Harbor. This was an unprovoked attack to the very heart of our values and what we hold dear. There is no way that I as a therapist who has worked with hundreds of "stressed out" police officers can offer much sage advice to readers who have suffered ...
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    Take it like a man - where the sun don't shine

    Women in the United States live on average 7.2 years longer than men. Men working in high stress jobs like law enforcement, where they are subject not only to police stress but to maintaining a veneer of self-reliance come hell or high water, die on average even sooner. If you take to heart what I'm about to write, it is more ...
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    I Have Heroes - They Are Called Dispatchers

    I Have Heroes - They Are Called Dispatchers
    Many moons ago at the ripe old age of 19 I began my law enforcement career. I was still too young to become an officer so I became a dispatcher while I waited to go to the police academy. I figured I'd do the "easy" job of dispatching before becoming a cop and doing real police work. It sure didn't take ...
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    Young Surviving Spouse Attends C.O.P.S. Retreat

    As a first-time attendee at Concerns of Police Survivors’ Surviving Spouses’ Retreat, Tiffany Cortez of Phoenix, Arizona, seemed intimidated and scared upon arrival, but within hours began to open up as she met some amazing people. Amazing people that were survivors just like her. The C.O.P.S.’ Spouses’ Retreat was held in Potosi, Missouri, at the YMCA Trout Lodge the weekend of ...
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    Training at the Speed of Knots

    With the recent updates in funding in Homeland Security, one can only help wonder how evenly the funds will be distributed. Currently upgrade to the maritime port security initiative have stepped up with awesome and new technology however, we must begin to prepare for old history that tends to show itself over again. In this day in age, the piracy in ...
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    The Role of Motivation in Detection of Deception Research

    Early reports on the accuracy of the polygraph technique were largely anecdotal. For example, if ten suspects were administered a polygraph examination on a particular crime and one of them failed and subsequently confessed, the technique was reported to be 100% accurate. Once proper research methodology was applied, where random polygraph charts of verified truthful and deceptive suspects were blindly scored ...
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    The Significance of Identifying Precipitators during a Criminal Investigation

    Over the years we have been consulted on cases in which an investigator was absolutely convinced that a particular suspect was lying when, in fact, the person was telling the truth. In other instances guilty suspects were able to get through an interview without having their lies detected. Behavior symptom analysis is certainly not 100% accurate. However, if proper techniques are ...
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    Moving from Riot Troopers to 21st Century CERT Operators

    With more than 3,000 CERT teams in the US and 1,000 teams internationally, this article discusses what it means to be a 21st Century CERT Operator. I’m writing this article in response to a number of inquiries I’ve received from the field by clients and attendees who have heard me speak or have been trained by US C-SOG SOU teams. What ...
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    Departmental Gyms Become Fitness Rooms

    h4. Final Phase in a Holistic Fitness Approach The nation's interest in fitness has not gone unnoticed by law enforcement administrators. Initially many managers focused on weightlifting, but the gym phase is the final step in a holistic fitness program. "Fitness makes sense for the officers, their employers and the public," said Elizabeth Bondurant, a lieutenant with the Plainsboro (N.J.) Police ...
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    CISD - Use it or lose it

    One of the few benefits to come out of the Vietnam War was the acknowledgment that tough guys do cry, and that it's good for them. Unfortunately it took ten years for the Veterans Administration to recognize this and begin to set up programs to help Vietnam vets whose lives were in a shambles because of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ...
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    Commentary: The Tragic Outcome of Police Stress: Police Suicide

    Suicide epidemic spreads through police ranks. The lengthy two part article by David Armstrong covered all the aspects of police suicide, though I was disappointed at first to see what I thought was a hint of a negative slant given to the well known fact that the statistics on police suicide are unreliable because of how many police suicides are reported ...
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    Between 5% and 10% of people in the United States will, at some point in their life, have a bout with depression severe enough to be of clinical significance. It is estimated that only a third of all those who are clinically depressed receive adequate treatment. It is not unusual for a therapist, or physician, to recommend a trial on an ...
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    Why Do Mothers Kill? The Link Between Mom And Murderer

    Why Do Mothers Kill? The Link Between Mom And Murderer
    CHELMSFORD, MA - The grim discovery of 6-year-old Camden Pierce Hughes lying dead on the side of a road in southern Maine and the subsequent arrest of his mother, Julianne McCrery, under suspicion of murder have attracted widespread attention and outrage. In fact, yesterday’s news of the 42-year-old woman’s capture at a rest stop in Chelmsford, Massachusetts may have eclipsed President ...
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