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    I Live to Nap, and I Nap to Live

    No discussion of police stress and dealing with shift work can be complete without looking at the universal need for sleep, and the consequences of both not getting enough sleep or having irratic sleep patterns. Police stress and shift work go together. Sleep news: scientific news related to sleep. It was reported last week in a reputable magazine, Science, that researchers ...
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    I stopped another officer for drunk driving

    No other police stress "Ask the Shrink" column that I wrote for Patrol Log Magazine(Sept., 1993) generated as much controversy and antagonism as this one. It is still relevant five years later. Unfortunately little has changed in the way many departments handle alcohol abuse and/or alcohol dependence with their officers when they run afoul of the law themselves. Police aren't imune ...
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    Obstacles to Seeking Help: The Ugly Shrink

    LEO's and therapists are often at odds with each other. There are many reasons for this. For starters, members of both professions profess to have special, or even "secret" knowledge and understanding about human nature and deviant behavior. Each feels that their approach and the philosophy behind it are correct and the other's is wrong. I've been on both sides, and ...
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    Developing a Mourning Band Protocol

    The mourning band is the traditional way for a law enforcement officer to publicly mourn the death of a fellow officer. A common request received at the Officer Down Memorial Page is for information on how and when to wear a mourning band. While there is no national standard, it is important that each agency has a written protocol regarding the ...
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    Warring Cops: Making Our Mission Even Tougher

    Warring Cops: Making Our Mission Even Tougher
    I’m sure many of my fellow law enforcement professionals watched the video carried on Fox News Channel, and other outlets that showed neighboring Pennsylvania law enforcers at war with each other. I think all would be as embarrassed for our profession as I was. A far cry from good community relations, the viral video makes these officers from Darby and ...
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    5 Suggestions to Help Stop Police Impersonators

    5 Suggestions to Help Stop Police Impersonators
    Law enforcement officers across the country share information everyday about suspected police impersonators that are roaming our streets, conducting traffic stops, committing crimes, often violent in nature, and then driving off into the abyss with little information other than "A white car with lights and a male in a dark uniform with some unknown type of badge". Stopping these offenders, or ...
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    What do Instructors Make?

    What do Instructors Make?
    (Dedicated to all of my teachers… To all who instructed me in my career... and to all who have instructed Peace Keepers... and to those who currently instruct Peace Keepers.) The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with the educational process. He argued, "What's a student going to learn ...
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    Behavioral Aspects of Crowd and Riot Control

    Having described the types of behaviors and techniques associated with riot behavior, both group and individual, it is now important to discuss those techniques that law enforcement must employ if it is to successfully contain and control this behavior. Like the individual and group activities that are a part of riot behavior, riot control involves actions both by the individual police ...
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    State Level Training Commissions

    "Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission": "Alaska Police Standards Council": "Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board": "Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training": "California Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission": "Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Board": "Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council": "District of Columbia Peace Officer Standards and Training Board":,a,1232,q,541040,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,%7C31417%7C.asp "Federal Law Enforcement Training Center": ...
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    Making Campuses Safe

    DeCollege and University Police and Investigators Conference As a law enforcement officer you should know the importance of the varying degrees of training. Law enforcement officers can select areas of training that they may be interested in or select training that fits their environment or the job role they are currently in. I have attended many training classes both at our ...
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    The Significance of Identifying Precipitators during a Criminal Investigation

    Over the years we have been consulted on cases in which an investigator was absolutely convinced that a particular suspect was lying when, in fact, the person was telling the truth. In other instances guilty suspects were able to get through an interview without having their lies detected. Behavior symptom analysis is certainly not 100% accurate. However, if proper techniques are ...
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    10 Tips for Off Duty Incidents

    After off-duty incidents hit the news, I often find myself discussing the specifics with academy students. Often in a room with 40 or so newly minted “blue shirts," questions about what exactly should be done off-duty when incidents arise is a hot topic. We talk about about off-duty involvements and some of the considerations they should ponder when they get ...
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    Dumbest Crooks Caught At The Border

    US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for every port and border fence in the country -- and that leads to an awful lot of interesting stories. Whether packing drugs, contraband or money, there is no shortage of people trying to get goods into the country illegally. See how the well-trained agents of the CBP use their skills to track down ...
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    Five Must-Have Gadgets for Your Police Belt

    Five Must-Have Gadgets for Your Police Belt
    Law enforcement folks love gadgets and the various accoutrements that go with the job. When I ran police academies in Ohio and Florida, police equipment catalogs littered the desks at lunchtime and cop supply websites were must reading among the cadets. Not surprisingly, conversations on breaks often revolved around the newest device or gadget. All aspiring and newly minted officers covet ...
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    Hilarious Police Pranks Caught On Tape

    Think your department has good gags? Check out these hilarious pranks that include everything from partner sendoffs to rookie initiation, all caught on video. And when you're done, don't forget to tell us about your favorite LEO prank. See The First Video >>> [page] Philly Cop Car Left Alone See The Next Video >>> [page] Canadian Police With Special Port-a-Potty See ...
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    Underage Drinking - A New Priority for Law Enforcement

    "Unit 39, respond to the vicinity of 1st Avenue and 5th Street for the report of a possible underage drinking party..Several young people appearing intoxicated, some challenging to fight others".. Let's face the facts; these calls are about as unpleasant as domestics. In fact, I'd rather deal with a domestic then a house full of out of control, intoxicated youth. That ...
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    The Dumbest Criminals Caught On Tape

    Sometimes the best stories are the ones you can't make up. When it comes to stupid criminals, this tends to be the case. Sit back and enjoy this list of some of the dumbest criminals around doing what they do best! First Video >>> [page] The Bait Car Strikes Again Next Video >>> [page] Caught On 25 Cameras Robbing Security ...
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    Law Enforcement’s Role in Immigration

    Law Enforcement’s Role in Immigration
    Since Immigration matters are usually handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the interior of the United States and by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at our borders, local law enforcement officers have taken a “hands off” attitude towards immigration enforcement. Simply put – local law enforcement officers can’t enforce Federal law so they don’t concern themselves with immigration or ...
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    Heroes Or Tyrants? When Good Cops Do Bad Things

    Heroes Or Tyrants? When Good Cops Do Bad Things
    Law enforcement officers have an uneasy relationship with the rest of society. The police subculture, dominated by social solidarity and isolation, serves not only as a protective shell against the harsh elements of our dangerous society, but it can breed deviant conformity if not checked by good recruitment, training, management, and early warning systems. With mass cop-killings and deadly assaults on ...
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