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    Panic Attacks

    I haven't written about this most common (ranking about equal with depression in terms of numbers afflicted) of the unfortunate manifestations of the human psychic mechanism until now because it seemed there was ample information available. And there certainly is: books, magazine articles, cyberpsychology web sites and periodic television specials. However much information there is, it doesn't help police officers who ...
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    One o'clock in the morning. July. You're a white cop patrolling an affluent section of town. As usual there isn't a car on the road. Typical. Inaction waiting for action. You notice a Mercedes 300D pull into a large colonial and observe a man, woman, and two children exit, open the trunk and begin to take out suit cases. "Back from ...
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    Some words for police officers who were on the front lines of terror

    9/22/01 Like most Americans I watched in horror as we experienced this centuries Pearl Harbor. This was an unprovoked attack to the very heart of our values and what we hold dear. There is no way that I as a therapist who has worked with hundreds of "stressed out" police officers can offer much sage advice to readers who have suffered ...
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    Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said

    Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said
    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't." -General Patton Like most cops, I was seriously angered when I heard about a certain Ex-Cop and how he had gone from being a police officer to teaching criminals how to smuggle dope. It doesn't matter where you're from, a traitor is a traitor. And a traitor has no friends, ...
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    Top 25 Cities for Cops

    Top 25 Cities for Cops
    Few professions are as tied to their city as law enforcement. Everything from population growth to the job rate had a direct impact on the daily routine of a police officer. Understanding the overall health and standard of living in a city can make a big difference during one's career. Sure a high starting salary is nice, but that's only part ...
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    September 11th: Video Tributes

    "We will win this struggle not for glory, nor wealth, nor power, but for justice, for freedom, and for peace; So help us God."- Tom Harkin "You can be sure that the American spirit will prevail over this tragedy."- Colin Powell View September 11th Tribute Videos → [page] Remembering that Fateful Day Next → [page] Remember Our Fallen Next → ...
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    Our Fallen Heroes

    It has been eight years since those tragic events that affected us all so much. We wish to send our prayers, thanks and blessings to the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. The following pages provide the names and photos of those brothers we have lost. They will forever be in our hearts. Meet America's Heroes ...
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    A First Hand Look At National Police Week 2011

    National Police Week (May 9-15) is a celebration of our nation's law enforcement officials, and remembers those who lost their lives in the line of duty. Thousands of people commemorated the event in Washington D.C., with memorial services to fallen comrades, and ceremonies recognizing local heroes. PoliceLink's very own kweikman went out to Washington D.C. to cover Police Week, and capture ...
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    Take a Walk Through the National Crime and Punishment Museum

    Take a walk through the Crime & Punishment Museum in Washington D.C. (Photo by Kendra Weikman/PoliceLink) Next: Tour the Museum >> [page] Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Volkswagon (Photo by Kendra Weikman/PoliceLink) Honoring our LEOs (Photo by Kendra Weikman/PoliceLink) Continue >> [page] Historic Firearms and Edged Weapons.(Photo by Kendra Weikman/PoliceLink) (Photo by Kendra Weikman/PoliceLink) Continue >> [page] Pair of Golden Age Period ...
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    The PoliceLink Community Responds

    The PoliceLink Community Responds
    To help us honor the fallen and remember the events of September 11th, 2001, We asked PoliceLink members to share their thoughts, prayers and encouragements to the rescue and law enforcement community. We had an overwhelming response and thank each and every person who submitted a response. Read What PoliceLink Has to Say [page] God bless all the police and fireman ...
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    Coffee with TheSarge: PoliceLink Turns Three!

    Coffee with TheSarge: PoliceLink Turns Three!
    Happy 3rd Anniversary PoliceLink! Established way back in 2007, it's time to congratulate Chris Cosgriff (Senior Editor), Kevin Powers (Assistant Editor), the PL Forum Moderator Team....and especially you, the Members! PoliceLink has traversed unique ground as this site has grown. We've been able to move forward even in difficult times. This is a real testament to the manifested strength and motivation ...
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    The Role of Motivation in Detection of Deception Research

    Early reports on the accuracy of the polygraph technique were largely anecdotal. For example, if ten suspects were administered a polygraph examination on a particular crime and one of them failed and subsequently confessed, the technique was reported to be 100% accurate. Once proper research methodology was applied, where random polygraph charts of verified truthful and deceptive suspects were blindly scored ...
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    How to Handle the Mentally Ill

    Police officers not only must be able to recognize abnormal behavior and mentally ill persons, but also must be prepared to guard, restrain, or take into custody people whose behavior suggests the presence of a mental illness. The following are suggestions for handling these difficult situations. **1. Calls involving known emotionally disturbed individuals should be answered by more than one officer.** ...
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    10 Tips for Talking with Kids

    10 Tips for Talking with Kids
    When responding to calls for police service, children can at times be our best sources for information. Whether they are sought out as the only English speaker in a foreign language speaking household to give an account of an incident or they're a victim you need to speak with, the junior members of our society can be a powerful addition to ...
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    Moving from Riot Troopers to 21st Century CERT Operators

    With more than 3,000 CERT teams in the US and 1,000 teams internationally, this article discusses what it means to be a 21st Century CERT Operator. I’m writing this article in response to a number of inquiries I’ve received from the field by clients and attendees who have heard me speak or have been trained by US C-SOG SOU teams. What ...
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    Departmental Gyms Become Fitness Rooms

    h4. Final Phase in a Holistic Fitness Approach The nation's interest in fitness has not gone unnoticed by law enforcement administrators. Initially many managers focused on weightlifting, but the gym phase is the final step in a holistic fitness program. "Fitness makes sense for the officers, their employers and the public," said Elizabeth Bondurant, a lieutenant with the Plainsboro (N.J.) Police ...
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    Police Officer Suicide Prevention

    h4. Officers kill themselves at higher rate than general population The seasonal spike in suicides during the Christmas/New Years holiday period is no secret to veteran law enforcement officers. What may come as a surprise is the high number of officers that, to use the old phrase, "eat their gun." The recent suicides of two New Orleans Police officers during the ...
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    Photos From the Police Week 2010's Candlelight Vigil

    The names of 324 law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty were dedicated at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC Thursday evening. The names of those officers killed were read by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., Jennifer Thacker, national president of the Concerns of ...
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    3 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

    3 Lessons Learned the Hard Way
    1. Search Every Room We were serving a search warrant with tribal police on a residence on Indian Land. The house wasn’t too big and we had a CI’s sketch of the interior. I’ve never liked relying on the word of a strung out informant but the boss had faith in it. For some reason, because two agencies were involved, they ...
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    Osama Bin Laden Killed

    May 1, 2011 marked a historic day for the United States when President Obama made an official statement announcing the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. In celebration of the incredible job our U.S. armed forces have displayed, as well as the swelling of American pride, we share with you this collection of photos over the last 48 hours. ...
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