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    Handling too many critical incidents can lead to trouble

    I received a heartfelt letter from a concerned police officer's wife. She was experiencing her what, for want of a better term, could be called spouse's police stress. Her husband had policed far more than his share of critical incidents, including accidents where numerous children were killed. He was withdrawing from her and questioning his belief in God. Why, in essence, ...
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    Congratulations. You made sergeant. At last, the end of police stress. If it suits you, it is potentially the best job in law enforcement. You probably are still in the union, you have status and responsibility over and above what you used to have. You can finally exercise your leadership with the credibility of those stripes, which you worked long and ...
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    Why In-house Police Stress and Corrections Stress Counselors Need to be Independent

    Police stress and corrections stress arises from two basic causes: the stress intrinsic to the job, and the stress associated with poor or even negligent management. In the former instances, officers may be reluctant to open up to police stress peer counselors (sometimes called "stress officers") because they are concerned about their confidences being shared with management. This concern is heightened ...
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    Helping Survivors Survive the Holidays

    Helping Survivors Survive the Holidays
    Last night I had the privilege of having dinner with two very good friends, who happen to have very important jobs they never wanted: President of Concerns of Police Survivors, Linda Moon Gregory (surviving sister of Officer James Moon), and Director of National Outreach, Jennifer Thacker (surviving spouse of Investigator Brandon Thacker). You see, they never wanted their jobs because you ...
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    Getting Broken in on the Job

    I arrived at C.O.P.S. Spouses’ Retreat the weekend of September 18-21, 2009, at the YMCA Trout Lodge in Potosi, Missouri, after only one month as the Marketing Coordinator for Concerns of Police Survivors. I knew the organization dealt with death, dying, and grief; yet I was not prepared for what I saw. I was instantly introduced to a young widow who ...
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    10 Most Stable Cities for Police Officers

    It's been a rough few years for America as a whole, but the public service sector has felt it the most. As budget cuts continue to cut jobs, it’s more important than ever to get the most bang for your buck. And there’s no question about it — when it comes to value, not every U.S. city is created equally for ...
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    Ten Tips For Dealing with the Opposite Sex

    Ten Tips For Dealing with the Opposite Sex
    It’s been the age-old question: how do you deal with the opposite sex. In today’s litigation-laden law enforcement environment, law enforcement professionals struggle to answer that question as they discharge their duties. This column details steps that you can take to ensure your tactical and legal survival. While false allegations can come from same sex police contacts, particularly with juveniles, complaints ...
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    Edged Weapons Part Two – The Armed Officer

    I admit it, I love knives. There are just so many cool ones out there, it’s hard to choose. But while most us crimefighters carry a knife of some sort, many of us have never trained – mentally or physically – to use our knives as anything more than a basic utility tool. Here are a few things to think about ...
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    Become a PoliceLink Training Partner

    Become a PoliceLink Training Partner
    Looking for some free publicity for your training company or services? Become a PoliceLink training partner. PoliceLink is the Internet's number one resource for America's law enforcement officers who come here to keep up to date on the latest training techniques and tactics. Our Training Partner Program was designed specifically to engage training companies and consultants from across the country to ...
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    Police Officers Death & Disability Act

    Hey folks, lets support this and get it to become a reality. Copy this and sign it stating your support for it and fax it to ALL of your US Congressmen, US Senators, LE Agencies, FOP's and Police h4. Police Officers Death and Disability Act As Americans of the United States, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a ...
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    Death Notifications: A Tough Police Assignment

    Handling death notifications is a necessary part of the job that few law enforcement officers enjoy. It can be traumatic for the officer, as well as for the family members. Delivering a death message is a duty that is vitally important with far-reaching ramifications in people's lives. Handled poorly, extreme situations can develop. Family members and others advised of the passing ...
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    Best Of: Ridiculous Speeding Excuses

    The officers of PoliceLink's Facebook fan page share the best speeding excuses they've heard while on patrol. Check out this collection of real tales from the street and the hilarious things no one should be dumb enough to say. See The List >> Tips for the PoliceEntrance Exam Target AcademyFirearms Training Mastering thePolice Oral Board [gate] [page] You see officer; we ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: Supreme Court 2006

    Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with the task of legal decisions relating to operations. Objective: Provide officers with essential knowledge of the law as announced by the U.S. Supreme Court during the 2005-2006 term (NOTE: See previous issue for additional cases) . Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes, but this may be expanded where ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: United States Supreme Court Update

    Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with decisions that are impacted by the law from the United States Supreme Court. Objective: Provide officers with training on new legal standards announced by the United States Supreme Court. Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes for each of the hypothetical sections, but this may be expanded where agency ...
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    The 20 Best Outdoor Adventures for Police Officers

    Need a break from patrolling the hot city pavement? Does your idea of a vacation involve taking in the great outdoors, and days of heart-pounding adventure? We thought so. PoliceLink has compiled 20 adrenaline-inducing adventures for the tried and true outdoorsman (or woman). We’ve scoured the travel guides, combed the Internet and sought out word-of-mouth recommendations to bring you the ...
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    Take Ownership of Your Professional Life

    Take Ownership of Your Professional Life
    There was a time when an eager officer longing for more training opportunities could blame the training request denial on not being one of the “golden children” of the administration in power. With the advent of the economic downturn and a new era for law enforcement budgeting, denials have become the norm, rather than the exception. Training for law enforcers has ...
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    How to Handle the Mentally Ill

    Police officers not only must be able to recognize abnormal behavior and mentally ill persons, but also must be prepared to guard, restrain, or take into custody people whose behavior suggests the presence of a mental illness. The following are suggestions for handling these difficult situations. **1. Calls involving known emotionally disturbed individuals should be answered by more than one officer.** ...
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    Behavioral Aspects of Crowd and Riot Control

    Having described the types of behaviors and techniques associated with riot behavior, both group and individual, it is now important to discuss those techniques that law enforcement must employ if it is to successfully contain and control this behavior. Like the individual and group activities that are a part of riot behavior, riot control involves actions both by the individual police ...
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    Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase - Part 2

    Our Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase article was a big hit, and we received tons of requests from members who also wanted the chance to show off their tats. Browse our second gallery of PoliceLink member tattoos and share in the pride and honor of law enforcement. View More Member Tattoos >> [interstitial] PoliceLink Member: CJHogan Next Tattoo >> [page] PoliceLink ...
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    Doing the right thing and being treated "wrong"

    Sometimes law enforcement officers who are suffering from police stress avoid seeking counseling, often for good reason (see my article "The Ugly Shrink"). But sometimes stress builds up to a point where they have an episode either of depression or panic that is so disturbing or so blatant that they reluctantly see a therapist. Often spouses convince their partners to get ...
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