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    The Effects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on the officer and the family

    The following letter is from an officer who wrote it in the Guestbook and kindly gave me permission to use it in an article in the hope that his experience will help others. He describes many of the classic symptoms of police PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. In fact, every distressing thought, feeling and behavior he relates below is a ...
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    The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of the "Lady Cop"

    Surviving in, and changing, the macho copshop, and how to cope with your police stress. I try to understand police stress from many points of view. But I am what I am (though I don't believe the common male delusion that I'm superior for being able to avail myself of these handsome porcelain facilities on the walls of police restrooms. Okay, ...
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    When Rivalry Between Departments Goes Too Far

    Police officers are by nature competitive, and law enforcement is too varied to expect all officers to feel and act like they are playing on the same team all of the time in their interactions with members of other departments or agencies. However, it isn't too much to expect that all members of the law enforcement profession behave like they are ...
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    Helpful Hints: Paranoid Behavior

    As indicated previously, basic distrust is the core characteristic of paranoid behavior. Recognition of this is critical to police officers who must respond to it. Because paranoid persons consider significant people in their lives to have been undependable or rejecting, they are apt to view any authority figure or representative of "the system," including officers, as undependable and hostile. Consequently, officers ...
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    PoliceLink's Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase

    Photo by Librarianguish Police tattoos have long been a tradition in law enforcement. Whether it be St. Michael, a department badge or personal remembrance, these tattoos offer a tribute to the lifestyle and sacrifice of law enforcement officers. Browse our gallery of PoliceLink member tattoos and share the pride and honor of law enforcement. View Member Tattoos >> [gate] [page] PoliceLink ...
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    Young Surviving Spouse Attends C.O.P.S. Retreat

    As a first-time attendee at Concerns of Police Survivors’ Surviving Spouses’ Retreat, Tiffany Cortez of Phoenix, Arizona, seemed intimidated and scared upon arrival, but within hours began to open up as she met some amazing people. Amazing people that were survivors just like her. The C.O.P.S.’ Spouses’ Retreat was held in Potosi, Missouri, at the YMCA Trout Lodge the weekend of ...
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    Training at the Speed of Knots

    With the recent updates in funding in Homeland Security, one can only help wonder how evenly the funds will be distributed. Currently upgrade to the maritime port security initiative have stepped up with awesome and new technology however, we must begin to prepare for old history that tends to show itself over again. In this day in age, the piracy in ...
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    Dealing With Uncertainty In Law Enforcement

    Dealing With Uncertainty In Law Enforcement
    As people of faith, we often wonder what we can do for others, especially for those in need. Ultimately, we seek help when things are out of our control and we can’t fix it. Is it a sign of powerlessness when we say, “We must pray for one another”? Spiritual leaders say that to do so is to acknowledge that we ...
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    20 Most Ridiculous Police Impersonators

    [photo:499462] Police impersonation happens with amazing frequency considering the stupidity involved. See our list of the most ridiculous stories that is part hilarious, part terrifying. See how officers respond to being pulled over by an obvious fake cop, or the detailed work involved in a federal bust of a cop impersonator ring. Police academy is an incredible challenge, hear about the ...
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    Importance of Privacy During an Interview

    We have all had the experience where a person tells us something in private that he never would have told us in a public setting. It is well accepted that it is easier to talk about sensitive matters with only a single person present. Yet, how many times are victims interviewed in the presence of a family member, or a witness ...
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    Important Message from Chris Cosgriff

    Important Message from Chris Cosgriff
    Back in the end of 2006 I was presented with an opportunity to do something I had already had in the back of my head: Create a useful, fun, and educational online community for law enforcement officers. I was surprised to see how popular PoliceLink became in such a short period of time. Over the past four years I’ve met more ...
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    Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

    STOP! If you haven’t yet taken PoliceLink’s Practice Oral Board Quiz go take it now BEFORE reading this article. This article explains the pros and cons of each question and answer but is only helpful if you’ve already taken the assessment. Take The Quiz >> Continue to See Explanations >> [page] 1) Thank you for joining us here today. Please take ...
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    Law Enforcement Task: Strip Searches

    In the course of an arrest, law enforcement personnel are often called upon to conduct a strip search of a person. These searches are viewed as intrusive and are subject to 4th Amendment restrictions. While these searches are an important tool for law enforcement, they remain a dramatic liability exposure for agencies and agency personnel. As such, this section outlines the ...
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    Photos: Bizarre Border Busts

    There is no shortage of strange and outrageous criminals along the United States borders. Check out these outrageous busts from the CBP. See The Photos >>>[page] The famous photo of a man sewn into a car seat in an attempt to illegally cross the Mexican/U.S. border. Next Photo >>>[page] A woman hid a nine-pound stash of marijuana inside her daughter's pushchair. ...
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    Most Outrageous 9-1-1 Calls

    Sometimes the best stories are the ones you can't make up. When it comes to emergency dispatch, this tends to be the case. Sit back and enjoy this list of some of the most outrageous 9-1-1 calls we've ever heard. First Video >>> [interstitial] He Didn’t Get What He Paid For Next Video >>> [page] One Outstanding Elephant Next Video ...
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    How Do You Handle Police Misconduct?

    How Do You Handle Police Misconduct?
    “Police misconduct” is always a favorite topic of the media, and who can blame them? Exposing the dark side of those who are supposed to serve and protect makes for fascinating reading and viewing by the general public. And let’s face it; there is no shortage of fodder when it comes to our own bad behavior. Cops make mistakes, just like ...
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    CISD - Use it or lose it

    One of the few benefits to come out of the Vietnam War was the acknowledgment that tough guys do cry, and that it's good for them. Unfortunately it took ten years for the Veterans Administration to recognize this and begin to set up programs to help Vietnam vets whose lives were in a shambles because of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ...
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    Commentary: The Tragic Outcome of Police Stress: Police Suicide

    Suicide epidemic spreads through police ranks. The lengthy two part article by David Armstrong covered all the aspects of police suicide, though I was disappointed at first to see what I thought was a hint of a negative slant given to the well known fact that the statistics on police suicide are unreliable because of how many police suicides are reported ...
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    Between 5% and 10% of people in the United States will, at some point in their life, have a bout with depression severe enough to be of clinical significance. It is estimated that only a third of all those who are clinically depressed receive adequate treatment. It is not unusual for a therapist, or physician, to recommend a trial on an ...
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    Dispatchers Police Stress

    It has taken a while for me to write this in response to numerous requests from police and fire dispatchers because, frankly, I've never been a dispatcher myself. So I had to do a lot of thinking about what dispatchers have told me about their own experiences with police stress, and my own experiences at the other end of the radio. ...
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