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    Inmate Weapons: In the Jailhouse Now

    Inmate Weapons: In the Jailhouse Now
    Prison violence is global, with prison authorities waging a constant battle to deny inmates access to improvised weapons. Despite the most stringent measures, weapons are still found often in the most unlikely places, made from even more unlikely materials. Whether stolen from factories, kitchens, workshops, art classes, pried from cell fittings or simply from articles left unattended, inmates with time on ...
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    The Gang Stop: Safer and More Efficient Field Interviews

    The Gang Stop: Safer and More Efficient Field Interviews
    Ask any gang investigator worth his or her badge and he or she will tell you: “Whether you are in the streets or down a cell block, when it comes to conducting field interviews with gangsters, you’ll probably be outnumbered most of the time.” On a busy street corner, in your city or town’s gang turf, gangsters seldom travel or hang ...
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    Proactively Solving Homicides in Neighborhoods that Don’t Cooperate

    _Solving one homicide, arresting one killer, may prevent many deaths in neighborhoods prone to violence._ In high crime areas like New York City, Los Angeles, California, Newark, New Jersey, Gary, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, and so many other violent prone cities across the US, it is often the rule rather than the rarity not to talk to the police when a murder ...
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