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    Beanbag Rounds

    Another area being carved out through lawsuits is the use of less-lethal weapons. Although the widespread use of beanbag rounds is fairly new to policing, cases contemplating the propriety of their use have been popping up in the media and in the courts. The common theme with less-lethal weapons as with all uses of force is reasonableness. Was it reasonable to ...
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    Intentional Shooting that Fails to Hit Target: Not a Seizure under the 4th Amendment

    In accordance with United States Supreme Court rulings, a physical seizure occurs when a person’s movement is stopped by force delivered by a “means intentionally applied. Thus, if an officer shoots at a person but misses, there can be no physical seizure. A show of authority seizure occurs when an officer shows authority and the person complies with that show of ...
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    Firearms Training: Train like You Play

    As a firearms instructor, I have noticed a vast difference between veteran police officers and deputy sheriffs who take range qualifications and training time seriously and those who merely view it as a chore to get done with and move on. While the shooting techniques themselves may be okay and get them through yet another re-qualification stint, it seems that some ...
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