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    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol: Part III

    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol: Part III
    Within a few days of my first precinct assignment, I had an enlightenment in my lack of real training. I realized very quickly I was not sufficiently trained to deal with the complex tactical situations in the South Bronx. Since that time I have always been openminded to continuing education. I felt like a school kid who forgot his books when ...
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    Bringing the Fight Back to the Pistol: Part IV

    *Mindset* - No matter who you train with or how you train, take it seriously. When I train, I try to make it as real in my mind as I can. The targets are not paper. They are the bad guys. Never give up the fight. Weapons break, malfunction or just don’t work sometimes. If it happens to you, think about ...
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    Inmate Weapons: In the Jailhouse Now

    Inmate Weapons: In the Jailhouse Now
    Prison violence is global, with prison authorities waging a constant battle to deny inmates access to improvised weapons. Despite the most stringent measures, weapons are still found often in the most unlikely places, made from even more unlikely materials. Whether stolen from factories, kitchens, workshops, art classes, pried from cell fittings or simply from articles left unattended, inmates with time on ...
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