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    Combating Team Fatigue

    Intro Over the past few months, I've traveled a lot to and from Asia. US C-SOG is doing a lot of training in the Southeast Asia sphere of operations, and my trainers have commented about the challenge of providing tough, realistic, and safe training even as they are themselves worn out. I don't have to tell you that in its best ...
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    Right Equipment for the Right Environment

    There are many teams that have spent money blindly or ignorantly, and teams that purchase equipment based on find-the-cheapest mentality. These teams do not do service to their responsibility. I have also seen professional teams like MN DOC SOG, CT DOC SOG, San Joaquin SO, Solano CSO, who make the correct decisions, even when difficult, regarding staffing and equipment. These units ...
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    CHRT Selection Process

    Do you recognize this man? He’s 6’5”, can bench a car, able to lift a truck and squat a train, and crush a man with his bare hands? It sounds like an able bodied candidate for an operator. Unfortunately, he can’t run ½ mile without losing his breath, can’t fit into a caged bus without getting stuck in the 1st door, ...
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    Drunk Tank Suicide May Lead to Liability

    Coleman v. Parkman, St. Francis County Sheriff, No. 03-1611 (8th Cir. 2003). In November of 1999, Captain Leary of the St. Francis County Sheriff’s office began investigating Billy Coleman regarding his involvement in the commission of several misdemeanors. While interviewing witnesses, Leary was allegedly told that Coleman was “mental,” “a risk to himself and others,” and “would kill himself if jailed.” ...
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