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    High Risk Inmate Transport

    In the past several months, inmates have escaped custody during transportation. Because the escapes have been fatal to the transporting officers and dangerous to the public - and because they put the media spotlight squarely on the faces of administrators, corrections experts are taking a long, hard at inmate transportation. We're corrections experts, and in this article we look at transportation ...
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    Combating Team Fatigue

    Intro Over the past few months, I've traveled a lot to and from Asia. US C-SOG is doing a lot of training in the Southeast Asia sphere of operations, and my trainers have commented about the challenge of providing tough, realistic, and safe training even as they are themselves worn out. I don't have to tell you that in its best ...
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    The Trends of Corrections Special Operations

    Progressive Training - that is, training centered on multiple threat operations - appears to be gaining traction in the CERT world. Thankfully, the days of "hats and bats" are over; nowadays teams are focusing their budgets and training time on becoming proficient with leaner, meaner and more flexible equipment. For traditional large teams, which are in most cases overloaded with obsolete ...
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    SCBA Operations: Operational Necessity or Not?

    You're conducting a routine inventory of your CERT gear when the emergency call goes out: "Fire in the laundry, CERT members report to ready room for immediate deployment." Your internal security cameras and reports from officers who have fled the area reveal a situation that is on the verge of getting out of control: Inmates have set a grease fire, the ...
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