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    From the Thin Blue Line: Lessons for PIOs and Law Enforcement Leaders

    **The Insight: A Simple Rule to Guide Your Interactions with Media and the Public** Lately, everyone is talking about The Secret. From what I know about this latest self-help phenomenon, The Secret is so obvious that it really isn't a secret at all. I mean, what's so secret about something that everyone seems to know? Must we be hit over the ...
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    Helpful Hints: Myths & Facts During a Disaster

    **MYTH** People will panic. People are unable to cope. Local organizations are overwhelmed and unable to perform effectively. Antisocial behavior (that is, looting) is commonplace. Community morale is low in stricken areas. Firm measures are needed to prevent personal and social chaos. **FACT** They do not panic. In fact, getting them to evacuate is a bigger problem. People react in an ...
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    Autism and Law Enforcement

    Autism and Law Enforcement produced by Dennis Debbaudt and directed by Dave Legacy, April 2004. The video Autism and Law Enforcement provides a quick and engaging education in autism that can help increase safety for both officers and individuals with autism, as well as minimize the potential for litigation that could occur as a result of a misunderstanding. Interviews and vignettes ...
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    Helpful Hints: Drug-Dependent Behavior

    A person who has overdosed should be treated as a medical emergency, and police officers must be able to recognize the symptoms. Acute opiate overdose is characterized by a marked unresponsiveness, in the presence of very slow or labored breathing. Needle marks and/or tracks will be noted. The pupils are pinpoints, and both pulse and heartbeat are extremely slow. If the ...
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    10 Tips for Talking with Kids

    When responding to calls for police service, children can at times be our best sources for information. Whether they are sought out as the only English speaker in a foreign language speaking household to give an account of an incident or they're a victim you need to speak with, the junior members of our society can be a powerful addition to ...
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    Helpful Hints Neurotic Disorders

    In handling someone with overwhelming anxiety, it is important to provide reassurance in order to help that person regain control over panic. It is not helpful for police officers to attempt to persuade the person that the anxiety or panic is unrealistic or unwarranted. Even if officers perceive the reasons for the anxiety and consider them ridiculous, they must recognize that ...
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