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    Advancement: Lieutenant

    h4. Description Lieutenants are junior level executives in the administration of a law enforcement agency. They are often perceived as being groomed for higher slots. They are responsible for multiple sergeants or first line supervision personnel in a section of the agency and report to a captain. h4. Testing Requirements Written Exam, Oral Interview, Assessment Center, Department Merit and Seniority Similar ...
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    Advancement: Police Chief / Sheriff

    h4. Description The chief or sheriff is the top, most visible member of the agency. He or she is the face of the agency and deals with a multitude of constituencies both within and without the organization. They need to be adept at dealing with the media, politicians, members of the community, and their own troops. h4. Testing Requirements +Police Chief+: ...
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    Advancement: Sergeant

    h4. Description Sergeants have supervisory responsibility over an entire squad or unit, which may include as many 15 – 20 officers, depending on the size of the agency. h4. Testing Requirements Written Exam, Oral Interview, Assessment Center, Department Merit and Seniority The phases of the exam are weighted which create a composite score when added together. Weighted values will vary from ...
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    Advancement: Corporal

    h4. Description In addition to normal patrol duties, a police corporal has supervisory responsibility over other police officers and civilian personnel, if any, on his/her squad. h4. Testing Requirements None. Promotions to Corporal are generally based on experience and seniority. h4. Experience Generally, 2 to 5 years experience as a police officer with the agency the officer serves. In order to ...
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    Advancement: Major (Assistant Chief / Chief Deputy)

    h4. Description The major or chief deputy is the second-in command in generally has the entire agency to oversee. They are the chief or sheriff’s right hand person and are often the “hatchet” person. They make things happen and take on unpleasant duties for the agency’s chief executive. They oversee the captains and report directly to the police chief or sheriff. ...
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    Advancement: Captain

    h4. Description The captain’s rank is firmly in the executive ranks and oversees entire divisions within the agency. They oversee the lieutenants and report to the major/chief deputy and tend to work administrative day shifts on a Monday through Friday schedule. h4. Testing Requirements Traditional testing is no longer conducted for positions at captain or above. Generally, a positive review of ...
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