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    Tips to Avoid Force and Sex-Based Complaints

    Tips to Avoid Force and Sex-Based Complaints
    Allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct and excessive force have been the staple of sensational headlines and are made of the stuff that can be career ending even when proven untrue. While this article and writer absolutely condemn any kind of unethical or illegal sexually based conduct or excessive force by professional law enforcement personnel, some false claim situations do occur. Even ...
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    Preparing for the Chief’s Interview

    It's Not About You. Regardless of whether you are pursuing the chief of police position for an agency of 15, 150, or 1500, the over-arching theme is the same.  Yes, you should be quite proud that you are in the final three, and yes attaining the chief of police position will be the icing on the cake for your police career; ...
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    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective

    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective
    What is it about investigative work and detective work that makes it the center of attention in cop movies that Hollywood spits out on a yearly basis? The love affair with detectives and movies seems to go on year after year, from the likes of Dragnet and Dirty Harry, now television in inundated with crime scene investigators from Los Angeles, to ...
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    4 Crippling Leadership Mistakes

    Oftentimes what is more irritating and stressful to law enforcers than criminals is dealing with the brass and internal agency politics. Thought of as losing touch with the streets and “forgetting where they come from,” the corner office inhabitants of the upper echelons of the law enforcement agency can seem remote and uncaring. This article is designed to point out, or ...
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    Succeeding as an Assistant Chief

    I still clearly recall the telephone call: I was recuperating at home from shoulder surgery that had taken place a few weeks earlier.  Because I was a captain at the time and responsible for a police district, my surgeon told me to stay out of work until I could safely handle my field and administrative responsibilities.  In the few weeks ...
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    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know

    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know
    When you began your law enforcement career, your organization sent you to a training academy and then, likely, provided you with a field training officer or senior officer with whom to work.  However, when you promote to sergeant, there is little training and nothing like the mentoring of a field training officer system.  Moreover, the transition from police officer to sergeant ...
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    You’re in Trouble: Now What?

    You’re in Trouble: Now What?
    Most police officers and deputy sheriffs are honorable men and women trying to do a difficult job. I regularly deal with law enforcement issues that involve law enforcers in bad circumstances. Whether they are in fact responsible for an act involving intent or omission, many officers, particularly those at the beginning of their careers, are baffled by the process that most ...
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    7 Steps to Prepare for the Major's/Deputy Chief's Interview

    As you are seeking to ascend to the number two position in your agency, much of what you learned about oral boards in prior promotion processes will not apply.  Yes, competency will still be a factor, but trust and working relationships will be very powerful forces, as well.  So, while it is still important that you know your stuff, be prepared ...
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    Confidence and Leadership: Preparing for the Captain's Oral Board

    OK, you're testing for captain; expect the gloves to come off.  You are not a novice; you have elevated yourself from officer to sergeant to lieutenant.  The basics of oral boards are familiar to you; you have been through those challenges and have succeeded.  So how can they increase the difficulty for a captain-level candidate? They can make the questions more ...
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    The Guide: Your Promotion to Captain

    Congratulations, captain.  Your promotion will move you from mid-manager to manager.  You will wield more authority, supervise more people, and be closer to the top of the organizational chain than ever before.  Ideally, you are about to set yourself on a path of multiple successes.  How you start will be critical in determining how you succeed. Whether it is an advertisement ...
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    What do Instructors Make?

    What do Instructors Make?
    (Dedicated to all of my teachers… To all who instructed me in my career... and to all who have instructed Peace Keepers... and to those who currently instruct Peace Keepers.) The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with the educational process. He argued, "What's a student going to learn ...
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    Are You Lieutenant Material?

    Are You Lieutenant Material?
    There is a natural order to the world and there is a natural order to oral board preparation. With rare exceptions, we advance in police positions one step at a time. This series of articles (the first one was “The Sergeant’s Oral Board: Preparing to be #1”) represents the progression of responsibilities that each law enforcement position holds and the corresponding ...
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    Women with Badges

    Women with Badges
    The percentage of women in law enforcement is hovering under 15 percent, according to the National Center for Women & Policing, and it's not increasing. Here's straight talk from current and former female police officers as to why we'd all be better off if that percentage rose, what's been holding the numbers down and which women are needed to fill the ...
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    Get Your Military Resume in Shape for a Civilian Job Search

    You're leaving the service and are faced with the daunting task of developing your resume. Your military career is filled with accomplishments, but even the most decorated veteran needs to figure out how to effectively communicate and sell those successes in civilian terms. Follow these tips to draft a high-impact resume that shows how your military experience is transferable to a ...
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    The Sergeant's Oral Board: Preparing to be #1

    As an experienced police officer, think of your last trip to the firearms range.  There was almost certainly a target for you to hit with a clear x ring, bull's eye, or some other marker that represented a perfect performance.  You utilized a firearm in which you had been trained and therefore had familiarity with the actions that you needed to ...
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    Avoid Recruiting Police Garbage

    Avoid Recruiting Police Garbage
    “Garbage in, garbage out.” That old saying captures why the recruitment of quality people into law enforcement is so important. After all, all street-level law enforcers want their backup officer to be good at a complex and dangerous job. Now, that’s not to say that training doesn’t have its priority, but we all know marginal officers who’ve somehow slipped through the ...
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    Police Academy Self-Sponsorship: Jump Start Your Career

    Police Academy Self-Sponsorship: Jump Start Your Career
    I get quite a few emails and letters from individuals across this country who are having difficulty getting hired as a police officer or deputy sheriff. While I can’t help those folks that are steeped in a history of drug use or felony arrests, many of the others can jum start their career by self-sponsoring through a basic law enforcement academy. ...
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    Advancement: Sergeant

    h4. Description Sergeants have supervisory responsibility over an entire squad or unit, which may include as many 15 – 20 officers, depending on the size of the agency. h4. Testing Requirements Written Exam, Oral Interview, Assessment Center, Department Merit and Seniority The phases of the exam are weighted which create a composite score when added together. Weighted values will vary from ...
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    Advancement: Lieutenant

    h4. Description Lieutenants are junior level executives in the administration of a law enforcement agency. They are often perceived as being groomed for higher slots. They are responsible for multiple sergeants or first line supervision personnel in a section of the agency and report to a captain. h4. Testing Requirements Written Exam, Oral Interview, Assessment Center, Department Merit and Seniority Similar ...
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    Advancement: Captain

    h4. Description The captain’s rank is firmly in the executive ranks and oversees entire divisions within the agency. They oversee the lieutenants and report to the major/chief deputy and tend to work administrative day shifts on a Monday through Friday schedule. h4. Testing Requirements Traditional testing is no longer conducted for positions at captain or above. Generally, a positive review of ...
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