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    Dishonesty by Officer Requires Termination

    Over the past ten years, law enforcement agencies have struggled with the impact of officer dishonesty on the ability of the officer to act as a witness in court proceedings. The dishonest officer is always subject to having their credibility impeached by their prior dishonest conduct. Agencies have an on-going responsibility to disclose information to prosecutors concerning an officer’s dishonesty before ...
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    Our Fallen Heroes

    It has been eight years since those tragic events that affected us all so much. We wish to send our prayers, thanks and blessings to the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. The following pages provide the names and photos of those brothers we have lost. They will forever be in our hearts. Meet America's Heroes ...
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    Edged Weapons 101: The Armed Offender

    Edged Weapons 101: The Armed Offender
    Edged weapons defense often takes a back seat in our use of force training. After all, just three law enforcement officers, all working in correctional facilities, have been killed by edged weapons attacks in the past five years. However, countless cops are injured every year by knife-wielding subjects, and we can’t allow the low number of officer deaths to make us ...
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    Defensive Tactics Versus Combative Tactics

    Defensive Tactics Versus Combative Tactics
    I really think it’s time that we in the police community need to stop sugar coating hand to hand combat. We create all of these politically correct terms and phrases that really lead officers away from what is really going on out there on the street. What is defensive tactics? When I am attacked as a police officer I am trained ...
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    Qualified Immunity in Use of Force CasesUnited States Supreme Court

    An individual officer’s greatest shield in a lawsuit that alleges a violation of civil rights is qualified immunity. A decision by the United States Supreme Court in December, further clarified the strength of this immunity. In Brosseau v.Haugen, 543 U.S.___; 2004 U.S. LEXIS 8275 (2004), the United States Supreme Court examined a case involving the use of deadly force by Officer ...
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    Always Armed/Always On Duty

    On January 28th 2000, the Providence Police Department received a call that would irreversibly change the lives of three officers forever. Officer Carlos Saraiva, a three-year veteran, and Officer Michael Solitro, a rookie who had completed his field training just days earlier, were riding as partners due to a shortage of police vehicles. Officer Saraiva and Solitro monitored a call of ...
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    Power of Positive Policing: How to Avoid the Negatives

    Power of Positive Policing: How to Avoid the Negatives
    We all know the type in policing. The guy or gal who is never happy. They manage to find fault with the administration, the public, and even fellow crime fighters. It’s an “Us vs. Them” world in their eyes. In a nutshell, this frowny-faced person is a downer and could be crowned the king or queen of morale busting. They practice ...
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    Putting an End to Pursuit Collisions

    Putting an End to Pursuit Collisions
    A Law Enforcement Pursuit is one of the most dangerous performance skills that a police officer can do. In recent years there have been drastic changes with department pursuit policies and training. Although many states require some form of training in reference to pursuits, several do not. There are four issues that are causing one third of all pursuits around the ...
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    Terry Frisks and the Totality of the Circumstances

    Many officers are of the belief that if they have the legal right to detain a suspect, they can automatically frisk that suspect “for officer safety.” However, in 1968, the United States Supreme Court held that an officer may conduct a limited search (frisk) of a suspect for weapons when the officer reasonably believes that the suspect, who is detained pursuant ...
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    Selecting And Raising The Potential Police Pup

    When buying a puppy for the home, police or security work, take the time to check into various kennels as well as private breeders. Study the pedigrees to ensure purity and attempt to deal with breeders who will place a guarantee on the pup should elbow or hip displasia develop. Reputable breeders will have no hesitation in providing you with such ...
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    Consideration For an Investigator’s Attire

    The very first impression a subject forms of an investigator will be based on physical observations -- not only gender, race and body type, but also attire. The desired perception a subject should have is that the investigator is professional, intelligent, non-judgmental and trustworthy. Anyone who has found themselves in a social situation of being either under or over-dressed can appreciate ...
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    Active Shooter: Plan, Prepare, and Initiate

    Through the past 4 years of conducting active shooter instructor training programs as well as basic operations programs for all law enforcement, we have been privileged to work with some of the most highly motivated and best officers in the world. This is due to the fact the majority have attended the programs with an “open mind” which gives an added ...
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    Understanding the Attorney-Client Privilege in Criminal Investigations

    Throughout history, the United States Judiciary has generally endeavored to balance the need for enforcement of law and criminal code against the broader goals society. While the maintenance of law and order is integral to the functioning of our society, so is the maintenance of trust between members of society who share certain personally or professionally intimate relationships, such as family ...
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    K9 Containment Techniques For Patrol

    On a cold winters night early last year I was on routine patrol and observed a car leave from the rear of a commercial property shortly after midnight. It was obvious they were in a hurry. I pulled into the rear of the property and noted that it had been burglarized. I immediately pulled out onto the roadway in pursuit of ...
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    Deputy's Observations: The First Rule of Gunfighting

    Deputy's Observations: The First Rule of Gunfighting
    The first rule of surviving a gunfight is to have a gun to fight with. As we discussed in the previous article that means not only having a weapon, but also having it accessible to you when you need it. That does not mean under the seat of your car or inside of a briefcase. It means where you can put ...
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    Extended Confrontation K9 Training

    The Importance of Exposure Training for Police Service Dog Teams in Relation to Sustained or Unusual Confrontations Canine is generally a very small community in North America, most likely if you haven't actually met someone in the field, you have heard of them or know another member of their unit. So the stories get around pretty quickly, and everyone hears about ...
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    Death Notifications: A Tough Police Assignment

    Handling death notifications is a necessary part of the job that few law enforcement officers enjoy. It can be traumatic for the officer, as well as for the family members. Delivering a death message is a duty that is vitally important with far-reaching ramifications in people's lives. Handled poorly, extreme situations can develop. Family members and others advised of the passing ...
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    Warring Cops: Making Our Mission Even Tougher

    Warring Cops: Making Our Mission Even Tougher
    I’m sure many of my fellow law enforcement professionals watched the video carried on Fox News Channel, and other outlets that showed neighboring Pennsylvania law enforcers at war with each other. I think all would be as embarrassed for our profession as I was. A far cry from good community relations, the viral video makes these officers from Darby and ...
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    Types of Hostage Situations

    Hostage situations may occur under the following conditions: 1.Criminals may plan from the outset to use hostages as part of their criminal act to ensure their escape, gain ransom money, or for some other purpose. 2.Criminals may not plan to take hostages but become trapped inside an establishment they intended to rob. A quick response precludes escape, and they seize hostages ...
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    Methamphetamine Driven Combat Operations

    Based on combat observations and medical studies by the US and British military it is becoming apparent that methamphetamine use among the terrorist population is on a dramatic increase. Used as a strategic tool methamphetamine offers those in the Iraqi Area of Operations a whole new trend of issues that compromise the safety of those combating terrorism. Whether operating as a ...
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