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    Taking a Bite Out of Crime - Risk Management for Police Canine Programs

    No administrator, except perhaps the police chief of Beverly Hills if one believes the portrayal in Beverly Hills Cop I, II & III, is immune from the budget pressures of the nineties. Administrators are scrambling to garner federal grants, stretch city and county resources, and recruit private dollars to support their departments. Many savvy administrators are turning to the time-honored police ...
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    Ten Tips for On Target Academy Firearms Training

    Ten Tips for On Target Academy Firearms Training
    The prospect of firearms training in the pressure-filled law enforcement academy setting is either loved or hated by cadets. Few blocks of instruction, save for physical training and defensive tactics, conjures up such extremes in emotion. As a certified firearms instructor and an executive over basic police academies, I have seen first hand the issues that trip up aspiring gun-toting law ...
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    Stupid Criminals Caught on Tape

    Stupid is as stupid does. Sometimes crooks shoot themselves in the foot, no pun intended. Check out the hilarious lineup of actual crimes committed by inept thieves. Isn't it nice when they do the dirty work for you? Stealing... from a Surveillance Store? → [page] Stealing... from a Surveillance Store? Feisty Store Manager Fights Back → [page] Feisty Store Manager ...
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    Safe Driver Call Backs

    Everyone who’s been in the popo business for any amount of time knows that the two most dangerous activities law enforcement officers engage in are (I’ll give you a moment to guess)… domestic disturbances and traffic stops. With traffic stops, you just don’t know whom you are stopping. The person could be an emotionally disturbed person (the politically correct phrase for ...
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    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol

    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol
    With a public always looking to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt and high profile police officers and deputy sheriffs never making mistakes that catch the public eye, this article is devoted to giving the aspiring and veteran law enforcer alike ten sure fire tips on how to generate complaints from the public and your supervisors. If you ...
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    Training Our Cops For Combat

    Training Our Cops For Combat
    If you read the world news headlines it's easy to find articles about terrorist acts being committed in other countries and how the specific country's military responded. This is a common theme all around the world. Terrorist group commits act - country's selected military unit responds. Why is that? Because terrorists commit acts of violence that are, for all intents and ...
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    Surviving Your Prisoner Transport

    Surviving Your Prisoner Transport
    In the wake of the recent Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s transportation deputy’s death here in Florida, I thought an article on transportation mandates would be in order. For some, these bullet points will be an eye opener. For others, they may serve as reminders of things told to you by your academy instructors and your field training officer (FTO). Many of ...
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    Creative Cuffing for Small-Wristed Subjects

    In defensive tactics for policing, we're always looking for ways to *control* (that operative word is bolded on purpose) the behaviorally challenged individual. Unfortunately, not all wrists come in a convenient size to fit our handcuffs. Many people with slender wrists, particularly juveniles, are able to slip out of the cuffs despite our best efforts to do the right things. This ...
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    Warrantless Searches of Motor Vehicles

    Often questions arise as to whether a police officer needs a search warrant in order to search a motor vehicle. Fortunately, the Supreme Court of the United States has a fairly extensive body of law commonly called the “automobile exception” or the Carroll Doctrine which gives clear direction to police officers on this topic. However, individual states, in interpreting their state ...
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    Deputy's Observations: Size Does Matter

    Deputy's Observations: Size Does Matter
    I know that size does matter because an attractive waitress once told me so. At the time I think that we were talking about the size of the dinner plate that my meal was being served on, but I’m not sure. I do suspect that she was not talking about a peace officer trying to conceal a pistol under their clothing. ...
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    Seven Crime Scene Fundamentals

    Seven Crime Scene Fundamentals
    Crime scene protection is one of the basic, yet critical aspects, of field police work. Good crime scene practices enhance criminal investigations and, ultimately prosecutions. In this article, we explore seven aspects of crime scene protection that will improve your skills. What is a crime scene? If you ask most law enforcement professionals, they will likely tell you a crime scene ...
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    Distinguishing Between Admissions and Confessions

    An admission represents a statement that tends toward proving guilt. On the other hand, a confession is a fully corroborated statement during which the suspect accepts personal responsibility for committing a crime. This distinction is important for legal and procedural reasons. For example, a theft suspect who agrees to reimburse the victim for the $1000 stolen has offered an admission, not ...
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    The Fastest 2x2x2 Drill on the Planet

    Well, it might not be…but it sure is one of the fastest bits of shooting I’ve ever seen. [gate] I ran across this video this weekend to pick up some tips on shooting drills and was blown away at how fast Kyle Lamb can push lead through these targets. Kit Up! readers might remember my attempt at this drill last year ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: GOA and UTL

    “763, Llano. The subject is GOA. I’ll be in the area looking.” “763, Llano. Show me UTL.” Welcome back to the Chaplain’s Corner. As my dear old Grandpa used to say: pull up a chair and sit down beside it. I’m glad it’s April again. Spring Break is history one more time, and the bluebonnets are starting to bloom here and ...
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    Human Trafficking: A Crime Against Humanity

    A ten-year old girl cowers in the corner of a dirty dark room. Standing in front of her is a full-grown man. It is not her father, brother or friend. He is not there to punish her for a wrongful act or comfort her in a time of crisis. He is there to commit an act against her that few of ...
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    Becoming a Narc

    Becoming a Narc
    I was transferred to the local Drug Task Force in January 1996. I was straight out of the uniform division and I can now admit that my drug enforcement experience was limited to pulling a little bit of dope out of someone’s pocket after an unrelated arrest. After I was transferred I asked myself what was I stepping into. Here is ...
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    20 U.S. Cities With the Most Drunk Drivers

    Think you've seen more than your fair share of intoxicated motorists? Did you know that there are two million repeat drunk drivers on the road at any given time? Always be aware of your surroundings, especially if you live in or near the following twenty cities. This list was based on the top 20 cities by population, according to the ...
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    Hidden Compartment in Motor Vehicle Can Provide Probable Cause for Search

    United States v. Concepcion-Ledesma, 447 F.3d 1307 (10th Cir. 2006) Just the Facts… On May 16, 2006 the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in the above case, held that the presence of a hidden compartment in vehicle, taken with the totality of the circumstances, provides probable cause for a warrantless search. In this case, a Kansas State Trooper observed a group ...
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    Building Rapport During an Interview

    Interviews in the popular television show Dragnet were often preceded with the admonition, "Just the facts ma'am." The emotional detachment displayed by Sgt. Friday, however, is generally not conducive to eliciting meaningful information from a subject. People are more comfortable telling the truth to someone whom they trust and can relate to. This is precisely why an investigator should spend the ...
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    Hostage Negotiator Certification. Necessary or Not?

    Presently the law enforcement community is very concerned about certifications. Agencies must insure that their officers maintain certification in everything from defensive driving to use of deadly physical force. Yet, these same agencies do not require certification for their hostage/crisis negotiating teams. Or perhaps they are under the mistaken belief that a certificate of attendance at an FBI Basic Negotiation Course ...
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