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    License to Use Caution with Vehicle Pursuits

    Many police pursuit proponents read with eagerness of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent case involving law enforcement chases. The 2007 case, Scott v. Harris was interpreted by many road rangers as giving more latitude to the officer pursuing the miscreants of the motorways. Actually the ruling should be examined within the scope of it two points. It also serves as a ...
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    Roll-Call Training: Duty to Intervene

    Hypothetical: (Sergeant should use names of officers at the roll-call to emphasize the reality of such hypothetical situations): Officer Boehm, let’s suppose we have a high-speed pursuit this evening. The pursuit travels some distance and the suspect makes several aggressive actions toward police cruisers. Let’s further suppose that the suspect finally bails out of his vehicle proceeds to flee on foot. ...
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    Not Losing Sight: Terrorism, September 11, 2001 and Where We Are Today

    For those who stay on top of the global threats of our society, you may be still part of the team consistently searching, watching and praying another attack does not hit our homeland let alone another part of the globe. But reality is it looms over the horizon and one must wonder a couple of things: p((. 1. What type of ...
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    CISD - Use it or lose it

    One of the few benefits to come out of the Vietnam War was the acknowledgment that tough guys do cry, and that it's good for them. Unfortunately it took ten years for the Veterans Administration to recognize this and begin to set up programs to help Vietnam vets whose lives were in a shambles because of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ...
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    Officers not Liable for Excessive Force in Arrest of Paraplegic

    Brant v. Volkert, 72 Fed. Appx. 463 (7th Cir. 2003). Officers are often faced with circumstances involving persons with physical disabilities. As such it is necessary to train officers for such circumstances. Mr. Brant, a paraplegic was stopped by the police while operating a three-wheeled scooter erratically and with no lights. A computer check revealed that Brant’s right to operate the ...
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    The Need for IA/OPS Audits

    Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute Public Agency Training Council Generally law enforcement agencies have operated their IA/OPS system with little oversight. That's coming to an end. More communities, particularly those in large urban areas, are instituting some form of external review. In some communities it's a form of civilian review. Since 1997, numerous police agencies have come under the scrutiny ...
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    Since September 11, 2001 the citizens of the United States have been introduced to a type of warfare that they are not very familiar with and not altogether comfortable being involved in. We are now facing groups of individuals who operate in a manner that is concealed, motivated and “group-serving”. They show themselves at will and either die in the carnage ...
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    A Date with Destiny - Part I

    Once Upon a Time in America: Picture yourself attending a lecture in an auditorium of a local College, where you are taking classes to complete your master’s degree. You are an off duty police officer seated in the audience listening to a presentation on community policing by a highly esteemed professor, when suddenly a heavily armed man dressed in black bursts ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: United States Supreme Court Update

    Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with decisions that are impacted by the law from the United States Supreme Court. Objective: Provide officers with training on new legal standards announced by the United States Supreme Court. Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes for each of the hypothetical sections, but this may be expanded where agency ...
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    Persons with Disabilities

    Each and everyday, law enforcement officers throughout the United States come into contact with persons who are suffering from some disability. Some of these persons are suffering from a disability that would make them eligible for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). i Some of these individuals would not meet the criteria for protection under the ADA but do ...
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    Advancement: Corporal

    h4. Description In addition to normal patrol duties, a police corporal has supervisory responsibility over other police officers and civilian personnel, if any, on his/her squad. h4. Testing Requirements None. Promotions to Corporal are generally based on experience and seniority. h4. Experience Generally, 2 to 5 years experience as a police officer with the agency the officer serves. In order to ...
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    Am I Stressed Out?

    Signs and Symptoms of Police Stress: Headaches - Fatigue - Pounding Heart - Digestive Upsets Teeth Grinding - Light Headedness - Lowered Sex Drive Irritability - Short-tempered Backaches - Muscle Aches - Over-eating - Insomnia Restlessness - Muscle Tics - Rashes - Drinking too Much These are all common physical, behavioral and emotional reactions to prolonged stress. The stress that causes ...
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    Garrity and The Administrative Interview

    The Fifth Amendment provides that no person shall be compelled to give testimony against him or herself. This right against self-incrimination is not absolute. The government has the power to compel a person’s testimony even when that testimony is incriminating. The government must however provide the person so testifying with protection that is similar to the Fifth Amendment privilege. The mechanism ...
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    Whose Pond Is It Anyway?

    The common phrase used in our mission for protecting our homeland is, "The tragic events of September 11th have made us re-think new ways of defending our homeland." This short phrase is one of many statements that are being made by the government or private training and consulting firms time and time again with the end result being no forward progress ...
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    United States Supreme CourtSummary of Law Enforcement Cases 2004-2005 Term

    United States Supreme Court Summary of Law Enforcement Cases 2004-2005 Term Each term, the United States Supreme Court decides cases having a direct impact on various aspects of law enforcement operations. During the 2004-2005 term, the Court decided 5 such cases touching on day to day operations in law enforcement. These cases have been detailed in the legal update as they ...
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    DUI and Motorcycles

    Alcohol intoxication is a leading factor in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Law enforcement officers have been trained to identify driving patterns that indicate a probability that a motorcyclist is driving while intoxicated. The driving patterns that police typically look for have been outlined by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA has delineated a number of "cues" that police ...
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    Restraint of Autistic Student doesn’t Seize “Excessive Force” Standard

    A difficult issue in the school setting is use of force to control students and maintain a safe environment. This issue is more difficult when dealing with students who have disabilities that place them in special education. A recent case from Mississippi provides an example of how courts will analyze such uses of force under state law. In Pigford v. Jackson ...
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    Importance of Privacy During an Interview

    We have all had the experience where a person tells us something in private that he never would have told us in a public setting. It is well accepted that it is easier to talk about sensitive matters with only a single person present. Yet, how many times are victims interviewed in the presence of a family member, or a witness ...
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    The Parable of the Lawnmower?

    Welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner one more time. Well, it was inevitable… yesterday I mowed the grass for the first time this year. If I lived up north in “Yankee Country” that wouldn’t be so surprising, but for central Texas (where in years past I’ve mowed even in January and February), that is a sad commentary on the state of our ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: The River Runs Over It

    Chaplain's Corner: The River Runs Over It
    Hi and welcome once again to the Chaplain’s Corner. It’s June already…time to think about fishing and swimming. Around here a lot of folks head out to the “slab” for both. It’s a good place to get sunburned or a citation for driving in the river bed. I guess the first thing I need to do is to describe “Scott’s Slab” ...
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