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    The Sergeant's Oral Board: Preparing to be #1

    As an experienced police officer, think of your last trip to the firearms range.  There was almost certainly a target for you to hit with a clear x ring, bull's eye, or some other marker that represented a perfect performance.  You utilized a firearm in which you had been trained and therefore had familiarity with the actions that you needed to ...
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    How Do You Handle Police Misconduct?

    How Do You Handle Police Misconduct?
    “Police misconduct” is always a favorite topic of the media, and who can blame them? Exposing the dark side of those who are supposed to serve and protect makes for fascinating reading and viewing by the general public. And let’s face it; there is no shortage of fodder when it comes to our own bad behavior. Cops make mistakes, just like ...
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    Confessions of a Police Officer

    Confessions of a Police Officer
                  Dear Citizens, Neighbors, Friends and Family, My name is Jill and I am a cop. That means that the pains and joys of my personal life are often muted by my work. I resent the intrusion but I confuse my self with my job almost as often as you do. The label "police officer" ...
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    Cellular Phones/Digital Devices and Search Incident to Arrest

    *During a drug arrest, may the suspect’s phone be searched incident to his or her arrest and may that phone be searched back at the station?* Over the last ten to fifteen years, cellular telephones, pagers and other digital devices have become common items that are carried by just about everyone. Almost everyone has a cellular telephone. The purpose of this ...
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    Developing a Mourning Band Protocol

    The mourning band is the traditional way for a law enforcement officer to publicly mourn the death of a fellow officer. A common request received at the Officer Down Memorial Page is for information on how and when to wear a mourning band. While there is no national standard, it is important that each agency has a written protocol regarding the ...
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    Immunity Granted Under Garrity

    Most grants of immunity occur under the jurisdiction of a court in accordance with a statute. See E.g. 18 U.S.C. 6002. One type of immunity that developed in the context of investigations of public and government employees is that is commonly referred to in the law enforcement setting as a “Garrity” interview. “Garrity” interviews and “Garrity” warnings derive their label from ...
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    Lying to a Suspect: How Far Can an Investigator Go?

    During the course of an investigation an investigator often must rely on duplicity and pretense in an effort to develop evidence against the guilty suspect. Common examples include the use of undercover operatives, hidden surveillance video or "baiting" a cash drawer with extra money. Provided these procedures do not entice a person to commit a crime (entrapment), they are generally acceptable ...
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    Police Work, Prayer and Chaos

    Police Work, Prayer and Chaos
    Prayer is the theme in concluding this article on uncertainty and chaos in the law enforcement profession. As I indicated previously, I’ve been intrigued by [gate] the comments in our social networking and online writing communities that refer to prayer by asking us to do so on behalf of deceased officers, families, and friends as well as those who live in ...
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    Learn From Their Experience: 8 Videos You Need to Watch

    "What If?" Two little words that could be the difference between returning home after your shift or not. As department trainings evolve, it's important to assess previous experiences and break them down.While watching the following videos, ask yourself these questions: 1) What was the cause? 2) Were the officer's actions appropriate? 3) Would you have done things different? If so, then ...
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    The Role of Eye Contact During Interpersonal Communication

    When average people are asked about nonverbal communication, most will mention eye contact. The eyes are considered "the windows of the soul" and The Eagles warned that, "you can't hide your lying eyes." When Judge Judy detects possible deception, she admonishes the witness to look her in the eyes. Effective communicators learn not only how to read the meaning of another ...
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    10 Domestic Violence Reminders for Veteran Officers

    In the wake of the tragic shooting death of North St. Paul, MN, Police Officer Richard Crittenden, it is crucial to note that the fallen badge bearer was not a rookie. Rather, he was a nine-year veteran of the force who, as it was described in newspaper accounts, “died saving someone else.” Another officer was also shot and injured but managed ...
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    Off-Duty Policing: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

    Off-Duty Policing: Should You or Shouldn’t You?
    While crime has gone down, according to published crime statistics, incidents involving assaults and worse on crime fighters are still prevalent. Luckily, in the face of all the danger, law enforcers have not backed down and continue to honor their oath and their mission. But what of incidents that occur when you are off duty. The question comes up regarding off-duty ...
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    Deputy's Observations: Concealed Carry

    Deputy's Observations:  Concealed Carry
    There is much discussion in law enforcement circles and among civilians with concealed carry permits about the best way to carry their weapons and which weapons to carry. This is a subject that I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with myself during my law enforcement career, and I’m going to attempt to share some of my own experiences with you, ...
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    Handcuffing as Excessive Force

    Handcuffing as Excessive Force
    An area of liability that is sometimes given very little attention is handcuffing. Clearly, handcuffing is a frequently recurring law enforcement task, but is it a high-risk critical task? There can be little question that handcuffing is a high-frequency/high risk critical task. Consider two cases reported in the media. The first involved a Florida neuro-surgeon, Angelo Gousse. Dr. Gousse was visiting ...
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    Combat Ground Fighting, Not a Sport

    Combat Ground Fighting, Not a Sport
    First things first, let us all recognize the difference between Sport Ground Fighting and Combat Ground Fighting, that being said we will be able to fully understand the urgency of this article on combative ground fighting. When I first heard and was introduced to ground fighting it was 1991, initially it was introduced to me as a sport and an art, ...
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    Honor Guard 101: Line of Duty Funeral Protocol

    Honor Guard 101: Line of Duty Funeral Protocol
    You get one chance to make a first impression. This is the motto all Honor Guard commanders and coordinators should have when planning the funeral of a fallen officer. I have had the unfortunate task of coordinating three line-of-duty funerals for the Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department in my 18 years on the team. It will be one of the most ...
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    High Risk Traffic Stop Procedure

    *1. Initial Tactics* p((. Radio vehicle plate, description, occupant info p((. Communicate high-risk stop decision to other units p((. Pre-plan location for stop p((. Initiate stop & position units (Contact / Cover) *2. Initial Instructions (Contact Officer)* p((. Assume position of cover p((. Announce: p((((. • “Turn off engine” p((((. • “Don’t move” p((((. • “Throw keys out window” p((((. • ...
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    The Bottom Line on Seat Belts for Law Enforcers

    The Bottom Line on Seat Belts for Law Enforcers
    It was on a priority call for police service as I steered my Chevrolet Caprice patrol car left through a sharp high-speed curve that it hit me. As I strained to grip the steering wheel and maintain my position in the driver’s seat, so I wouldn’t slide to my right across the bench seat, I realized how close I came to ...
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    Using the Tactical Combat Fighting Stance

    Using the Tactical Combat Fighting Stance
    What is the best stance for officers in the field to work from that gives the most options in the most situations they may face while on duty? Debated and discussed often and especially during firearms training, it comes down to what they were taught and its compatibility to basic body functions under stress. Deciding what to present to students can ...
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    Understanding Terrorism in the 21st Century

    Understanding Terrorism in the 21st Century
    In post-911 American society, "terrorism" has become an everyday term used to describe everything from gorilla style warfare against U.S. troops overseas to the mass murder of civilians in the name of foreign ideological and political agendas. Due to the current political context of the United States in the world regarding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, many citizens of the ...
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