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    Supreme Court-Violation of Miranda does not Violate 5th Amendment but may Violate Due Process

    In a decision dated May 27, 2003, the United States Supreme Court held that interrogation undertaken and continued in violation of Miranda, does not give rise to a civil lawsuit based on a violation of the Fifth Amendment in cases where the police never attempt to introduce the statement in a criminal trial. Chavez v. Martinez, 538 U.S. ___, slip op. ...
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    Reasonable Training And Policy Direction On Handling Of The Mentally Ill And Emotionally Disturbed Persons?

    In Walker v. City of New York, the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit gave law enforcement some direction for determining what training officers must be provided with to do their jobs professionally and with lower liability exposure. Essentially the case indicated that if you know to a moral certainty that officers will confront a certain situation; and ...
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    Leptospirosis - A Threat to the Police Working Dog? - Bob Wright

    A Serious Threat to Working Dogs? In early 2002 I was contracted to train a number of dogs for a high end Security Company to work in a closed and controlled research environment. The new and interesting part was the very strict medical screening and various quarantines had to be complete. Over the years I thought I had developed a great ...
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    Selecting the Proper Issue in a Child Physical Abuse Investigation

    The nature of most crimes involve a central criminal behavior such as stealing money, starting a fire, selling drugs or having sexual contact with another person. Under these circumstances, the focus of the interview will specifically address the criminal behavior, e.g., "Did you steal that $2000?", "Did you start the warehouse fire?" However, when investigating physical abuse to a child, the ...
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    Drug Enforcement and Holsters

    When I transferred to a countywide Drug Task Force in January 1996 I thought I had considered everything that would be relevant to my new assignment. I was wrong. I went from wearing a full police uniform and gun belt to jeans and T-shirts – in other words plain clothes. I quickly was presented the issue of how was I going ...
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    United States Court of Appeal for 6th Circuit Upholds Discrimination Award in Transsexual Promotion Case

    Philip, now Philiecia, Barnes a member of the Cincinnati Police Department filed a lawsuit alleging, among other things, sex discrimination after he failed to pass the probationary period following his promotion to sergeant. In 1999, Phillip Barnes was living as a pre-operative male to female transsexual. When Barnes worked as a police officer during the day, he lived as a male, ...
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    The First Layer: Policy Establishing Departmental Standards of Performance

    In the previous article titled: "Focus on Liability Reduction and Better Performance" we described the Six Layered Liability Protection Process which requires absolute attention to the development of policies based on the principle of "foreseeability" for the performance of certain tasks, the training in the necessary skills and critical policies, quality supervision, corrective action and remediation, constant review and necessary revision, ...
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    Moving from Riot Troopers to 21st Century CERT Operators

    This topic has both rattled a number of cages in the past and opened the eyes of many agencies in the community. I am writing this article to respond to the more than 2,000 emails I have received from my initial article on this subject several months ago. This article will pick up where I left off. With more than 3,000 ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: Pursuit Judgment

    Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with pursuit decisions. Objective: Provide officers with training on judgment/decision making ability with respect to pursuits. Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes, but this may be expanded where agency resources allow Materials: Law Enforcement Risk Management Legal Update, March 2004; Department Pursuit Policy Hypothetical presented: Officers observe a speeding ...
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    Procedural Time Limits In Administrative Investigations - Absolutes

    When you are involved with public employee disciplinary matters and have procedural time limits imposed on your case, failing to meet those time limits will normally result in losing the ability to discipline the employee regardless what the misconduct may be. In essence these limits are essentially a statute of limitations, in other words, bring your discipline within the allotted time ...
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    The Death Notification

    Got your attention, didn’t I? Greetings from the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas and welcome to this edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. Okay, Okay…Llano is “officially” the Deer Capital of Texas, but we’ve got so many bluebonnets up and blooming already this year it could go the other way. Well, on to “business.” This is something that’s been on my heart for ...
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    Failure of Supervisory Involvement in Pursuit Contributes to Liability

    Clark v. South Carolina Department of Public Safety, 2002 S.C. App. LEXIS ( S.C. Ct.App. 2002), involved a police pursuit conducted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Trooper Greg Bradley observed a van operating at 57 mph in a 45 mph zone. He attempted to pull the van over but the van took off. At one point the van stopped in ...
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    New Book, New Page, New Puzzle

    Hello, and welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner 2009. New Year’s 2009! Wow. I can still remember back in high school when I thought the year 2000 was so far in the future that it would never get here. Doesn’t seem possible, yet here it is again...another new year. A new year. A time of new things. Some of us are lucky ...
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    Renewed Challenges Based on Miranda

    Over the past couple of years courts have seen a renewed number of claims based upon allegations related to violations of the 5th Amendment self-incrimination clause as well as violations of the rule announced in Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966). Two cases decided on June 28th 2004 provide some guidance for law enforcement agencies with respect to the reaches ...
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    Helpful Hints: Drug-Dependent Behavior

    A person who has overdosed should be treated as a medical emergency, and police officers must be able to recognize the symptoms. Acute opiate overdose is characterized by a marked unresponsiveness, in the presence of very slow or labored breathing. Needle marks and/or tracks will be noted. The pupils are pinpoints, and both pulse and heartbeat are extremely slow. If the ...
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    Canine Sniff of Parked Vehicle Upheld

    Parking Lot Search Valid Under 4th Amendment On April 20th 2004, the Court of Appeals, 1st District of Indiana upheld the use of canines to conduct general exterior inspections of vehicles parked in a high school parking lot. Myers v. State of Indiana, 806 N.E.2d 350 (IN. Ct. App. 1st Dist. 2004). After the Scott County School Board authorized the use ...
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    Advancement: Lieutenant

    h4. Description Lieutenants are junior level executives in the administration of a law enforcement agency. They are often perceived as being groomed for higher slots. They are responsible for multiple sergeants or first line supervision personnel in a section of the agency and report to a captain. h4. Testing Requirements Written Exam, Oral Interview, Assessment Center, Department Merit and Seniority Similar ...
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    Training Liability & Use of Deadly Force

    Any time a law enforcement officer uses deadly force, the likelihood that a lawsuit will follow is almost a certainty. Most of these lawsuits are brought in the federal courts as civil rights claims based upon the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. These actions are brought under a federal statute, 42 U.S.C. § 1983 which creates civil liability when ...
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    How to deal with Police Bashers

    You must always be prepared for the sudden explosive expression of fear and outrage peppered with every obscenity and insult you've ever heard on every traffic stop you make. Generally it is fairly easy to stand back and let the person vent. After all, you have the power to write a citation no matter how much the motorist offends you and ...
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    Pepper Spray

    Over the last decade police agencies have turned to the use of pepper-spray as an alternative on their use of force options list. While pepper-spray seems to have significantly reduced injuries to suspects caused by impact weapons, pepper-spray has not been litigation-free. A high-profile case from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals established that the use of pepper-spray against passively resistant ...
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