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    The K9 Mission

    _The information in this file is an excerpt from "K9 Officers Manual", available from Ray Allen Mfg at 1-800-444-0404. The dog training book "Dog Training For Law Enforcement" is also available from Ray Allen Mfg._ The primary initiative for the K9 team is to search for and locate suspects or evidence that can be linked to a specific crime scene. The ...
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    Importance of Privacy During an Interview

    We have all had the experience where a person tells us something in private that he never would have told us in a public setting. It is well accepted that it is easier to talk about sensitive matters with only a single person present. Yet, how many times are victims interviewed in the presence of a family member, or a witness ...
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    Failure to Have Policy on a Critical TaskSearch and Seizure May Lead to Liability

    Solis v. City of Columbus, 319 F.Supp. 2d 797 (S.D. Ohio 2004), provides an example of potential agency liability for the failure to have a policy in place that will protect the rights of citizens in their homes. Solis involved the execution of a search warrant by a SWAT team following an investigation conducted by Detective Cox. Detective Cox was working ...
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    Major Lesson Plan/Dealing with the Mentally Ill

    Hypothetical #1 Officers stop a vehicle for a motor vehicle violation. Upon approaching the vehicle they notice that the single occupant appears to be acting irrationally. The man accuses the officers of being aliens from out of space. Question: What steps should officers take to insure their safety as well as the safety of the subject? Answers: Inform the subject that ...
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    Senior Trainer Tip of the Month

    "We put operators in little tasks that are monumental to an operator, but are trivial to us" This means that we are responsible to ensure the smooth growth of our operators and we, as trainers, should strive to have our operators be the best, even if that means they are better than us in some areas of operations. Don't be threatened, ...
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    Ramming During Pursuit: “Deadly Force”

    In Harris v. Coweta County, 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 6721 (11th Cir. 2005), the United States Court of Appeal analyzed a ramming during a police pursuit under deadly force principles and refused to grant the officer summary judgment or qualified immunity. Victor Harris was clocked speeding by a deputy while driving a vehicle that was actively registered to him. When the ...
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    Firearms Training Techniques

    Most officers in North America have at one time or another used or seen F.A.T.S. This is a technological advancement that no police agency should be without. Manufactured by Firearms Training Systems Incorporated of Nor cross, GA., this system provides interactive training that puts the officer through a decision making process in potentially lethal situations. The system projects a life size ...
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    Drug Enforcement and Holsters

    When I transferred to a countywide Drug Task Force in January 1996 I thought I had considered everything that would be relevant to my new assignment. I was wrong. I went from wearing a full police uniform and gun belt to jeans and T-shirts – in other words plain clothes. I quickly was presented the issue of how was I going ...
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    Too Many Choices - Creating Frustration in Interrogation

    If given the time, we could probably come up with a number of reasons a suspect won't confess, a hostile witness won't cooperate or why the victim won't disclose. If we then reviewed our "list" objectively we might find that we have placed a large portion of the blame on our subject and were partially if not fully blind to any ...
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    Right Equipment for the Right Environment

    There are many teams that have spent money blindly or ignorantly, and teams that purchase equipment based on find-the-cheapest mentality. These teams do not do service to their responsibility. I have also seen professional teams like MN DOC SOG, CT DOC SOG, San Joaquin SO, Solano CSO, who make the correct decisions, even when difficult, regarding staffing and equipment. These units ...
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    Major Lesson Plan: Strip Searches

    Major Lesson Plan: Target Audience: Law Enforcement personnel who may be faced with the task of conducting a strip search during booking. Objective: Provide officers with essential knowledge with respect to some of the current issues surrounding strip search Format: Roll-call/ supervisory training. Time: Five to ten minutes, but this may be expanded where agency resources allow. Materials: Law Enforcement Risk ...
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    Containment Techniques For Patrol

    On a cold winters night early last year I was on routine patrol and observed a car leave from the rear of a commercial property shortly after midnight. It was obvious they were in a hurry. I pulled into the rear of the property and noted that it had been burglarized. I immediately pulled out onto the roadway in pursuit of ...
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    Investigator's Use of the Polygraph

    Increasing population growth, crime rates and new resistance to expansion of community services have all contributed to increased case loads for law enforcement. The polygraph, when properly used as an investigative tool to eliminate the wrongfully accused and identify the guilty, can provide the investigator with a more efficient and productive use of his case time. Unfortunately, misunderstanding and misuse as ...
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    Get Your Military Resume in Shape for a Civilian Job Search

    You're leaving the service and are faced with the daunting task of developing your resume. Your military career is filled with accomplishments, but even the most decorated veteran needs to figure out how to effectively communicate and sell those successes in civilian terms. Follow these tips to draft a high-impact resume that shows how your military experience is transferable to a ...
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    _Note: Ensure responder safety_ *1. General Information* p((. Explosive devices may be designed to disseminate chemical, biological or radiological agents p((. Explosives may produce secondary hazards such as unstable structures, damaged utilities, hanging debris, void spaces and other physical hazards p((. Devices may contain anti-personnel features such as nails, shrapnel, fragmentation design or other material p((. Outward warning signs: p((((. • ...
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    Firearms Training: Train like You Play

    As a firearms instructor, I have noticed a vast difference between veteran police officers and deputy sheriffs who take range qualifications and training time seriously and those who merely view it as a chore to get done with and move on. While the shooting techniques themselves may be okay and get them through yet another re-qualification stint, it seems that some ...
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    The Scariest Duty - Part 2

    Heeeeeeeeeeere’s August! Hey! You came back. Wanted to see what kind of “scary” I could dig up this time, eh? Well, right now knowing that there’s a bunch of folks waiting to see what I’m gonna write makes writing this month a little scary. Ok. Scary. “It was a dark and stormy night…” nah, I won’t go there. I’ll leave that ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: What If Daniel Had Been a Cop?

    Hello, and welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner. My last column took a look at the Old Testament character of Jonah and the whale and speculated how that might have gone down had Jonah been a LEO. In much the same vein, I want to try relating the account of Daniel in the lion’s den. (Again, let me make the disclaimer that ...
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    Interpreting Verbal Phrases

    During an interview a subject freely chooses which words or phrases to use when responding to the investigator's question. This choice is not random or haphazard; it is carefully selected to offer either the most accurate response possible or to avoid the anxiety telling less than the truth would cause. Consider the following homicide example where Bob was found stabbed to ...
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    Combating Team Fatigue

    Intro Over the past few months, I've traveled a lot to and from Asia. US C-SOG is doing a lot of training in the Southeast Asia sphere of operations, and my trainers have commented about the challenge of providing tough, realistic, and safe training even as they are themselves worn out. I don't have to tell you that in its best ...
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