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    Battle of the Secondaries: Glock versus 1911

    Battle of the Secondaries: Glock versus 1911
    These two side arms are said to be the most argued in the self-defense world, law enforcement and military included. Let’s focus for now at these pistols in the back-up role. The most important quality of a secondary weapon is reliability. This quite simply means functioning 100% of the time, no matter what. This being said, the Glock pistols are known ...
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    Best Of: Ridiculous Speeding Excuses

    The officers of PoliceLink's Facebook fan page share the best speeding excuses they've heard while on patrol. Check out this collection of real tales from the street and the hilarious things no one should be dumb enough to say. See The List >> Tips for the PoliceEntrance Exam Target AcademyFirearms Training Mastering thePolice Oral Board [gate] [page] You see officer; we ...
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    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know

    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know
    When you began your law enforcement career, your organization sent you to a training academy and then, likely, provided you with a field training officer or senior officer with whom to work.  However, when you promote to sergeant, there is little training and nothing like the mentoring of a field training officer system.  Moreover, the transition from police officer to sergeant ...
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    Police Academy Self-Sponsorship: Jump Start Your Career

    Police Academy Self-Sponsorship: Jump Start Your Career
    I get quite a few emails and letters from individuals across this country who are having difficulty getting hired as a police officer or deputy sheriff. While I can’t help those folks that are steeped in a history of drug use or felony arrests, many of the others can jum start their career by self-sponsoring through a basic law enforcement academy. ...
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    The 20 Best Outdoor Adventures for Police Officers

    Need a break from patrolling the hot city pavement? Does your idea of a vacation involve taking in the great outdoors, and days of heart-pounding adventure? We thought so. PoliceLink has compiled 20 adrenaline-inducing adventures for the tried and true outdoorsman (or woman). We’ve scoured the travel guides, combed the Internet and sought out word-of-mouth recommendations to bring you the ...
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    Hilarious Police Pranks Caught On Tape

    Think your department has good gags? Check out these hilarious pranks that include everything from partner sendoffs to rookie initiation, all caught on video. And when you're done, don't forget to tell us about your favorite LEO prank. See The First Video >>> [page] Philly Cop Car Left Alone See The Next Video >>> [page] Canadian Police With Special Port-a-Potty See ...
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    Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

    STOP! If you haven’t yet taken PoliceLink’s Practice Oral Board Quiz go take it now BEFORE reading this article. This article explains the pros and cons of each question and answer but is only helpful if you’ve already taken the assessment. Take The Quiz >> Continue to See Explanations >> [page] 1) Thank you for joining us here today. Please take ...
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    Five Must-Have Gadgets for Your Police Belt

    Five Must-Have Gadgets for Your Police Belt
    Law enforcement folks love gadgets and the various accoutrements that go with the job. When I ran police academies in Ohio and Florida, police equipment catalogs littered the desks at lunchtime and cop supply websites were must reading among the cadets. Not surprisingly, conversations on breaks often revolved around the newest device or gadget. All aspiring and newly minted officers covet ...
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    Recognizing Methamphetamine Use

    When a drug like methamphetamine ("meth") hits an area, all rules are thrown out the window. Meth use and abuse will ultimately result in delinquent and criminal behavior, often in the form of secondary crimes to fuel the use/addiction. Families are usually the first victims out of convenience, but after awhile, general crime (including violent offenses) will be the end result. ...
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    Photos From the Police Week 2010's Candlelight Vigil

    The names of 324 law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty were dedicated at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, DC Thursday evening. The names of those officers killed were read by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., Jennifer Thacker, national president of the Concerns of ...
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    Updated Glock 23: A New Generation Of Perfection

    Updated Glock 23: A New Generation Of Perfection
    The Glock 23 and its larger sibling, the Glock 22, are by far the most popular pistols with today’s local state and federal law enforcement agencies. The compact G23 version generally sees the majority of service as a plainclothes or undercover pistol, while the G22 is a uniform duty gun. Quite naturally, the Glock 23 Gen4 version shares many attributes and ...
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    10 Must Do Actions Before Your Patrol Shift

    10 Must Do Actions Before Your Patrol Shift
    Your patrol shift can be rewarding, exciting and dangerous. There are a number of things you can do to make it more rewarding and significantly less dangerous. This article explores ten actions you can take before you begin your watch to make you effective, efficient, and safe. *Mentally Prepare* One of the most difficult aspects of police work is making the ...
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    10 Tips for Off Duty Incidents

    After off-duty incidents hit the news, I often find myself discussing the specifics with academy students. Often in a room with 40 or so newly minted “blue shirts," questions about what exactly should be done off-duty when incidents arise is a hot topic. We talk about about off-duty involvements and some of the considerations they should ponder when they get ...
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    The Sergeant's Oral Board: Preparing to be #1

    As an experienced police officer, think of your last trip to the firearms range.  There was almost certainly a target for you to hit with a clear x ring, bull's eye, or some other marker that represented a perfect performance.  You utilized a firearm in which you had been trained and therefore had familiarity with the actions that you needed to ...
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    Deputy's Observations: How to Carry your Concealed Weapon

    Deputy's Observations:  How to Carry your Concealed Weapon
    In my last article we discussed choosing the right weapon for concealed carry, and that we should make that decision based on a worst-case scenario: If you are alone and confronted with an active shooter, or shooters, in a crowded environment you want to be prepared. Now we will address the method of carry. I break this down into two groups: ...
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    PoliceLink's Patrol Car Guide

    Ford Crown Vic [photo:511541]Formally known as the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Ford built this popular patrol car off of the Lincoln Town Car. It’s the only full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger cars built in North America, which increases handling and provides officers better traction during acceleration. It’s also one of the few body-on-frame vehicles available, which makes it better suited for heavy-duty usage ...
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    DEPUTY’S OBSERVATIONS: Why Do We Carry Handguns?

    DEPUTY’S OBSERVATIONS:  Why Do We Carry Handguns?
    Why do we carry handguns? It was a question asked of me many years ago while I had the honor to serve as the bailiff to a judge of the Superior Court. He was a remarkable man who spent most of his career as a top prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office, but for three-years he served as one of the ...
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    Modus Operandi Vs. Offender Signature

    Many aspects of forensic psychology (behavior analysis) are used to identify suspect(s) of violent crime in modern police investigations. The two most basic aspects of measurable and identifiable criminal behavior in the field of forensic behavioral analysis are modus operandi (MO) and offender signature. In order to perform effective investigations of violent or serial crime, investigators should have a rudimentary understanding ...
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    Police Officers Death & Disability Act

    Hey folks, lets support this and get it to become a reality. Copy this and sign it stating your support for it and fax it to ALL of your US Congressmen, US Senators, LE Agencies, FOP's and Police h4. Police Officers Death and Disability Act As Americans of the United States, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a ...
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    Lying to a Suspect: How Far Can an Investigator Go?

    During the course of an investigation an investigator often must rely on duplicity and pretense in an effort to develop evidence against the guilty suspect. Common examples include the use of undercover operatives, hidden surveillance video or "baiting" a cash drawer with extra money. Provided these procedures do not entice a person to commit a crime (entrapment), they are generally acceptable ...
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