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    The Greatest Gift

    Hello, and welcome to the Chaplain’s Corner. Here it is December again. The election is behind us, as is Thanksgiving, and the New Year is rushing at us. I’m ready for life to slow down a little… Christmas shopping’s got to get done again and my 56th birthday coming at me next February - about 20 years too soon. Perhaps it ...
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    Thanksgiving Prayers from PoliceLink's Chaplains

    Thanksgiving Prayers from PoliceLink's Chaplains
    Hello, and welcome once again to the Thanksgiving edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. Since Thanksgiving is the time specially designated to giving God thanks, I thought I’d open this up and let a couple of my PL Chaplain friends share their thanks and prayers. *A Prayer from Chaplain Tom, Hampton, VA* Thank You, Lord, for letting me roam far and wide. ...
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    4th Annual Fairfax County Police Honor Guard Training Seminar

    4th Annual Fairfax County Police Honor Guard Training Seminar
    The Fairfax County Police Department Honor Guard will be hosting a three day training seminar June 28th, 29th and 30th, 2009. This will be our fourth seminar. We have received very positive feedback from previous attendees, including this past year's contingent from Canada. We have broken down the training into seven training stations which we will rotate every 75 minutes. We ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: In The Words of the Song

    Hello, and welcome once again to the November edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. Well, I wanted to wait until after the election to write to you since it was so close to the first of the month. I had hoped to be basking in the glow of a McCain/Palin victory. I’m very sad that the good Governor had to endure what ...
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    Juvenile Sexual Offenders: Continuous Research Needed

    Historically, sexual crimes differ from other incidents that law enforcement encounters in its investigatory efforts. Most incidents center on revenge, greed, fear, and hate. With these, although one doesn’t agree with actions, humankind tends to accept or understand the criminal intent somewhat, albeit emotional or planned factors. For years, the study of sexual crimes primarily examined adult behavior in an attempt ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: Ramblings

    Hello, and welcome again to the Chaplain’s Corner. When I wrote my column for this month it was just days after Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area and my focus was directed mostly towards the survivors of that disaster. But when you think about it for a minute, the thoughts I present are applicable regardless of the disaster be it a ...
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    Agency Duty to Train Hostage Negotiation / Tactical Combat

    A case concerning whether an agency has an obligation to train officers with hostage negotiation or tactical combat training provides an example of the federal court’s reluctance to hold an agency liable for the lack of specialized training that exceeds the requirements of state mandates.i In Ross v. Town of Austin, the United States Court of Appeal was faced with a ...
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    Hostages and Agency Liability - Part 2

    Negotiators may also become the focal point of attack following the death of a barricaded subject. A person suing the negotiator will make the argument that the negotiator violated generally accepted practices of negotiation and that this violation created the situation which required the use of deadly force. Gammon v. Blakeley and the Euclid Police Department,i provides an example of an ...
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    Hostages and the Legal Duty to Protect

    _Ewolski v. City of Brunswick_ provides an example of how decisions made by police officers and impacting the lives of hostages will be viewed by courts considering a duty to protect type claim.i The claim in Ewolski stemmed from the suicide of John Lekan and the homicide of Lekan’s son by John Lekan as a SWAT team moved in attempting to ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: The Roads to Jericho and Emmaus

    Hello, and welcome to this September’s edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. Friday night…September…and Texas…that means all roads lead to Jacket Stadium. Sting ’em, Jackets! Oh, sorry, got a little carried away there. I’m glad it’s September. That means it will start cooling down in a few weeks and our chances of rain should be going up. Hot and dry gets old ...
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    Over Prepared Interviews: Interrogator Paralysis

    Law Enforcement Interview & Interrogation articles and training There is nothing unusual at all about any investigative interviewer preparing extensively for an upcoming interview. There is really no situation that I can think of that I had too much information on hand when I went into the [interrogation] room. The danger may be however that we can become too obsessed with ...
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    Scott v Harris - The Final Word on State Claims

    In 2007, the United States Supreme Court decided Scott v. Harrisi, which vastly limited Fourth Amendment liability arising from vehicle pursuits. This case began in 2001, when Victor Harris was clocked traveling 73 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. Harris fled the traffic stop and caused a pursuit that lasted approximately 10 miles. During the pursuit, he sped through a ...
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    The Scariest Duty - Part 2

    Heeeeeeeeeeere’s August! Hey! You came back. Wanted to see what kind of “scary” I could dig up this time, eh? Well, right now knowing that there’s a bunch of folks waiting to see what I’m gonna write makes writing this month a little scary. Ok. Scary. “It was a dark and stormy night…” nah, I won’t go there. I’ll leave that ...
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    The Scariest Duty – Part 1

    Hello, and welcome back to the Chaplain’s Corner. Hang on a second while I turn the A/C down a bit. Tad warm this time of year. I’ve had this title rattling around in my head for some time now, and I think now is perhaps the time to get it out so we can look at it. I heard that…Tom over ...
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    Handcuffing as Excessive Force

    Handcuffing as Excessive Force
    An area of liability that is sometimes given very little attention is handcuffing. Clearly, handcuffing is a frequently recurring law enforcement task, but is it a high-risk critical task? There can be little question that handcuffing is a high-frequency/high risk critical task. Consider two cases reported in the media. The first involved a Florida neuro-surgeon, Angelo Gousse. Dr. Gousse was visiting ...
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    The Psychopath As An Interrogation Subject

    One of if not the most challenging interviews or interrogations to conduct are that of the psychopath. Estimated by some experts to comprise about 7% of the world’s population, psychopaths make up approximately 55% of the U.S. prison population and are credited with committing roughly 80% of the violent crimes. The interview or interrogation of the psychopaths confirms that a standard ...
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    Chaplain's Corner: Thoughts About Freedom

    Hello, and welcome back to the Chaplain’s Corner. I think I’ve probably mentioned that I don’t like preaching the same sermon twice and as always, I’ve kicked around a few ideas trying to find the right fit for this month. As I sat down to start writing I reviewed a number of prior Chaplain’s Corners, and this one about freedom just ...
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    Proving Constructive Possession of Illegal Drugs

    Officers from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department executed a search warrant at the home of Dale Ann Harris, where she lived with her children. When the police made entry, they found Harris and two other women inside the apartment; all were handcuffed and detained. Officers searched the kitchen and found jars, vials, tin foil, and spoons which contained suspicious liquid ...
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    When Imminent Destruction of Evidence Authorizes Warrantless Home Entry

    The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution requires that the police have a warrant to enter a suspect’s home to seize evidence. It follows that one of the principles of the Fourth Amendment is that searches and seizures inside a home without a warrant are presumed unreasonable.i However, the United States Supreme Court has carved out certain exceptions to the ...
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    DEPUTY’S OBSERVATIONS: My Father’s Lessons

    DEPUTY’S OBSERVATIONS:  My Father’s Lessons
    My parents are members of the greatest generation, the ones who grew up during the Great Depression and were young adults during World War II. Like most young men of his generation my father quit high school to join the service to defend his nation against our enemies, following his two older brothers into the United States Navy. He scored highly ...
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