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    Smoke On The Water

    Smoke On The Water
    It is easy to relax and enjoy the sea or a beautiful waterway. The sound of waves crashing. Children digging sand castles or a day of fishing in a clear lake with a cold beer in hand. I’m sure we all have some fond memories involving the water. It is easy to forget that the waterways and shores of our homeland ...
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    What Not to Say to a Cop

    The officers of PoliceLink share their stories about perps and the clever things they come up with. Check out this collection of real tales from the street and the hilarious things no one should be dumb enough to say. Wondering which Law Enforcement job is right for you?Check out our PoliceLink Career Profiles to find out! See The List [gate] [page] ...
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    The Ticket – Part 2

    Hi, and welcome to the… well, I started to say “Back to School Edition,” but I guess most everyone starts back to school in August anymore. Gee…it’s been six years since I wrote “Can Anything Good Come Out of Baylor?” Well, on the 15th of August something good did…we got to watch our daughter receive her PhD diploma! Elisabeth once wrote ...
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    The Importance and Craft of Report Writing

    *Report Writing* “Saw drunk, arrested same”. For those of us who are “seasoned” enough to remember the J. D. “Buck” Savage parodies, none is more poignant to report writing than Officer Savage reading his “it’s all there” DWI report in criminal court ( That’s right; those four words represented his entire police report. *Painful Memories* As a former Field Training Officer ...
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    The PoliceLink Community Responds

    The PoliceLink Community Responds
    To help us honor the fallen and remember the events of September 11th, 2001, We asked PoliceLink members to share their thoughts, prayers and encouragements to the rescue and law enforcement community. We had an overwhelming response and thank each and every person who submitted a response. Read What PoliceLink Has to Say [page] God bless all the police and fireman ...
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    September 11th: Video Tributes

    "We will win this struggle not for glory, nor wealth, nor power, but for justice, for freedom, and for peace; So help us God."- Tom Harkin "You can be sure that the American spirit will prevail over this tragedy."- Colin Powell View September 11th Tribute Videos → [page] Remembering that Fateful Day Next → [page] Remember Our Fallen Next → ...
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    Our Fallen Heroes

    It has been eight years since those tragic events that affected us all so much. We wish to send our prayers, thanks and blessings to the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. The following pages provide the names and photos of those brothers we have lost. They will forever be in our hearts. Meet America's Heroes ...
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    Branding: How Police Are Using Social Media Better Than Many Companies

    I was lucky enough to attend a great event on Friday: the Don't Panic Social Media Conference in Manchester. There were some top speakers including Tom Murphy from Microsoft, Meg Pickard from the Guardian Online and Simon Wakeman from Medway Council. The highlight though, came from a completely unexpected source: The West Midlands Police [WMP]. [Check out the website even if ...
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    The Dumbest Criminals Caught On Tape

    Sometimes the best stories are the ones you can't make up. When it comes to stupid criminals, this tends to be the case. Sit back and enjoy this list of some of the dumbest criminals around doing what they do best! First Video >>> [page] The Bait Car Strikes Again Next Video >>> [page] Caught On 25 Cameras Robbing Security ...
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    Dumbest Crooks Caught At The Border

    US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for every port and border fence in the country -- and that leads to an awful lot of interesting stories. Whether packing drugs, contraband or money, there is no shortage of people trying to get goods into the country illegally. See how the well-trained agents of the CBP use their skills to track down ...
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    Hilarious Police Pranks Caught On Tape

    Think your department has good gags? Check out these hilarious pranks that include everything from partner sendoffs to rookie initiation, all caught on video. And when you're done, don't forget to tell us about your favorite LEO prank. See The First Video >>> [page] Philly Cop Car Left Alone See The Next Video >>> [page] Canadian Police With Special Port-a-Potty See ...
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    The Art of the Chase: Vehicle Pursuits

    The Art of the Chase: Vehicle Pursuits
    In this article, Sgt. George M. Godoy of Police Exam 911 explains some of the technical aspects of police chases and pursuits, and how you should be explaining your answers in police interviews. Sgt. Godoy runs a very successful Police Video Training Course for applicants to help improve their scores on Police Exams and has personally tested over 1000 potential applicants. ...
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    The Ticket – Part 1

    Hi, and welcome once again to the “Hot & Dry Edition,” I mean, August edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. I said it last year and I have to say it again; “Here it is almost football season again and still no rain.” At least none to speak of…two years of drought. It’s getting old. Sigh. You know it’s been a while ...
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    Back in the “Woods” Again

    Hello, and welcome back to the Chaplain’s Corner. Just _how_ did it get to be July 2009?!?! On the 29th of June, our daughter successfully defended her dissertation and we now have a “doctor” in our family. WooHoo! (Nah, I ain’t a proud Dad. Sic ’em, Bears!) And a trip back to Waco in August for the graduation ceremonies is on ...
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    Underage Drinking - A New Priority for Law Enforcement

    "Unit 39, respond to the vicinity of 1st Avenue and 5th Street for the report of a possible underage drinking party..Several young people appearing intoxicated, some challenging to fight others".. Let's face the facts; these calls are about as unpleasant as domestics. In fact, I'd rather deal with a domestic then a house full of out of control, intoxicated youth. That ...
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    Ecology and Police Management: Increasing Efficiency in Patrol Operations

    While traditional research into police social science has focused primarily on the immediate effects of police-citizen encounters, circumstances surrounding those encounters, and the effects of internal and external organizational factors on police action, Klinger’s (1997) theory on police discretion focuses on “linking police activity to the ecological context in which it occurs” (p. 278). This nontraditional approach opens the door to ...
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    PoliceLink's Best Of: Stupid Criminals

    PoliceLink Roundup: Dumbest Criminals of the Year [photo:448386] The stranger than fiction world of dumb criminals never ceases to amaze. Check out some of the best stories we've reported here at PoliceLink about how stupid criminals really can be. See The First Story! >>> [interstitial] Man Gets DUI on Motorized Bar Stool [photo:448247] NEWARK, OH – An Ohio man has been ...
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    The Best and The Bravest

    Welcome to the June 2009 Edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. This is one of those months when the words just don’t seem to jump out of my fingers. I’m writing my June column just days after the conclusion of Police Week and just days before I have throat surgery to regain my voice. (Everyone seems to delight in telling me how ...
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    Modus Operandi Vs. Offender Signature

    Many aspects of forensic psychology (behavior analysis) are used to identify suspect(s) of violent crime in modern police investigations. The two most basic aspects of measurable and identifiable criminal behavior in the field of forensic behavioral analysis are modus operandi (MO) and offender signature. In order to perform effective investigations of violent or serial crime, investigators should have a rudimentary understanding ...
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    Search and Seizure of Real Property

    Search and Seizure of Real Property
    There are many legal issues for law enforcement officers to contend with in regards to Search and Seizure of persons and property. In order to effectively understand search and seizure law and procedure, it’s important to have a basic understanding of related history and case law. Fundamental issues to consider when dealing with Search and Seizure include probable cause, search warrant ...
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