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    Off-Duty Policing: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

    Off-Duty Policing: Should You or Shouldn’t You?
    While crime has gone down, according to published crime statistics, incidents involving assaults and worse on crime fighters are still prevalent. Luckily, in the face of all the danger, law enforcers have not backed down and continue to honor their oath and their mission. But what of incidents that occur when you are off duty. The question comes up regarding off-duty ...
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    Bathroom Issues for Law Enforcement

    Bathroom Issues for Law Enforcement
    There’s a big issue in police work that’s generally ignored but that we all know exists. Oh, we talk about it alright, although not so much in mixed company, but we sure don’t write about it. In fact, I can’t believe I’m even bringing it up, but it’s something that rookies need to know about and veterans have all agonized over. ...
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    Tips to Avoid Force and Sex-Based Complaints

    Tips to Avoid Force and Sex-Based Complaints
    Allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct and excessive force have been the staple of sensational headlines and are made of the stuff that can be career ending even when proven untrue. While this article and writer absolutely condemn any kind of unethical or illegal sexually based conduct or excessive force by professional law enforcement personnel, some false claim situations do occur. Even ...
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    Seven Crime Scene Fundamentals

    Seven Crime Scene Fundamentals
    Crime scene protection is one of the basic, yet critical aspects, of field police work. Good crime scene practices enhance criminal investigations and, ultimately prosecutions. In this article, we explore seven aspects of crime scene protection that will improve your skills. What is a crime scene? If you ask most law enforcement professionals, they will likely tell you a crime scene ...
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    Confessions of a Police Officer

    Confessions of a Police Officer
                  Dear Citizens, Neighbors, Friends and Family, My name is Jill and I am a cop. That means that the pains and joys of my personal life are often muted by my work. I resent the intrusion but I confuse my self with my job almost as often as you do. The label "police officer" ...
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    Battle of the Secondaries: Glock versus 1911

    Battle of the Secondaries: Glock versus 1911
    These two side arms are said to be the most argued in the self-defense world, law enforcement and military included. Let’s focus for now at these pistols in the back-up role. The most important quality of a secondary weapon is reliability. This quite simply means functioning 100% of the time, no matter what. This being said, the Glock pistols are known ...
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    5 Must-Do Patrol Car Checks

    5 Must-Do Patrol Car Checks
    Whether you have a shared patrol car or a take-home unit, almost every officer, deputy sheriff, and trooper I know checks over their car and its equipment before the shift. After all, this is your mobile office. You need it to do your job and its smooth operation may even save your life one day. Some agencies mandate the inspection in ...
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    Photos: Bizarre Border Busts

    There is no shortage of strange and outrageous criminals along the United States borders. Check out these outrageous busts from the CBP. See The Photos >>>[page] The famous photo of a man sewn into a car seat in an attempt to illegally cross the Mexican/U.S. border. Next Photo >>>[page] A woman hid a nine-pound stash of marijuana inside her daughter's pushchair. ...
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    5 Reminders About Carrying Your Gun on Vacation

    5 Reminders About Carrying Your Gun on Vacation
    Let’s face it, cops love vacation. We work our rear ends off all year so we can go fishing, boating, camping or take the family to the beach, to a historical site, or to one of the big theme parks. However, summer vacation often poses a problem for us when it comes to off duty survival. It’s easy to carry a ...
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    Preparing for the Chief’s Interview

    It's Not About You. Regardless of whether you are pursuing the chief of police position for an agency of 15, 150, or 1500, the over-arching theme is the same.  Yes, you should be quite proud that you are in the final three, and yes attaining the chief of police position will be the icing on the cake for your police career; ...
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    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car

    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car
    “G-ride, Hot Roller, Code 37” - no matter what you call it, arresting someone driving a stolen car is solid police work. In this article we are going to examine 15 tactics that will assist you in locating stolen cars. Before we look at these tactics, let’s review a couple of basic legal questions. First, you need little, if any, reasonable ...
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    Cops and Armed Citizens

    Cops and Armed Citizens
    I grew up around guns. My dad, a farmer by trade, was also an auxiliary deputy with the local sheriff’s department so he owned a pistol or two. My cousins were hunters, and we always had a shotgun in the house that my father could get to if he needed to eliminate an errant raccoon in the garden or a family ...
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    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective

    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective
    What is it about investigative work and detective work that makes it the center of attention in cop movies that Hollywood spits out on a yearly basis? The love affair with detectives and movies seems to go on year after year, from the likes of Dragnet and Dirty Harry, now television in inundated with crime scene investigators from Los Angeles, to ...
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    4 Crippling Leadership Mistakes

    Oftentimes what is more irritating and stressful to law enforcers than criminals is dealing with the brass and internal agency politics. Thought of as losing touch with the streets and “forgetting where they come from,” the corner office inhabitants of the upper echelons of the law enforcement agency can seem remote and uncaring. This article is designed to point out, or ...
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    Succeeding as an Assistant Chief

    I still clearly recall the telephone call: I was recuperating at home from shoulder surgery that had taken place a few weeks earlier.  Because I was a captain at the time and responsible for a police district, my surgeon told me to stay out of work until I could safely handle my field and administrative responsibilities.  In the few weeks ...
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    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know

    What a New Sergeant Needs to Know
    When you began your law enforcement career, your organization sent you to a training academy and then, likely, provided you with a field training officer or senior officer with whom to work.  However, when you promote to sergeant, there is little training and nothing like the mentoring of a field training officer system.  Moreover, the transition from police officer to sergeant ...
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    History Lesson

    Welcome to the June 2010 Edition of the Chaplain’s Corner. Like last year, I’m writing my June column just days after the conclusion of Police Week, but UNlike last year, I can talk – I have a voice! I can even YELL at wayward bull calves in bar ditches when I have to – one of the “little pleasures” of being ...
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    LEOs, Preachers & Heroes

    Hello and welcome to the May 2010 Edition of the Chaplain's Corner.    I was honored by being invited to speak at the annual LE memorial ceremony at the Veteran's Admin Hospital in Kerrville, hosted by the VA Police Department and will be/was held on 6 May.  I thought I'd share my thoughts here for those interested to hear my talk, but ...
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    You’re in Trouble: Now What?

    You’re in Trouble: Now What?
    Most police officers and deputy sheriffs are honorable men and women trying to do a difficult job. I regularly deal with law enforcement issues that involve law enforcers in bad circumstances. Whether they are in fact responsible for an act involving intent or omission, many officers, particularly those at the beginning of their careers, are baffled by the process that most ...
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    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol

    10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol
    With a public always looking to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt and high profile police officers and deputy sheriffs never making mistakes that catch the public eye, this article is devoted to giving the aspiring and veteran law enforcer alike ten sure fire tips on how to generate complaints from the public and your supervisors. If you ...
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