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    10 Tips for Ride-Alongs

    Popular among law enforcers, aspiring officers, spouses of officers, dispatchers, community activists, journalists, and scholars, ride-alongs with on-duty police officers and deputy sheriffs have long been a fun-filled way to get a view from the other side of the windshield.  Whether you are exploring the idea of a career in law enforcement, wanting a closer look at your local constabulary, or ...
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    10 Most Stable Cities for Police Officers

    It's been a rough few years for America as a whole, but the public service sector has felt it the most. As budget cuts continue to cut jobs, it’s more important than ever to get the most bang for your buck. And there’s no question about it — when it comes to value, not every U.S. city is created equally for ...
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    PoliceLink's Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase

    Photo by Librarianguish Police tattoos have long been a tradition in law enforcement. Whether it be St. Michael, a department badge or personal remembrance, these tattoos offer a tribute to the lifestyle and sacrifice of law enforcement officers. Browse our gallery of PoliceLink member tattoos and share the pride and honor of law enforcement. View Member Tattoos >> [gate] [page] PoliceLink ...
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    7 Things Cops Should Never Say To Anyone

    7 Things Cops Should Never Say To Anyone
    Dr. George J. Thompson is the President and Founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, a tactical training and management firm now based in Auburn, NY. For full details on Dr. Thompson's work and training, please visit the Verbal Judo Web Site. Safety lies in knowledge. If you deal with cagey street people, or indeed difficult people at all, anywhere, you need ...
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    Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase - Part 2

    Our Law Enforcement Tattoo Showcase article was a big hit, and we received tons of requests from members who also wanted the chance to show off their tats. Browse our second gallery of PoliceLink member tattoos and share in the pride and honor of law enforcement. View More Member Tattoos >> [interstitial] PoliceLink Member: CJHogan Next Tattoo >> [page] PoliceLink ...
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    What Not to Say to a Cop

    The officers of PoliceLink share their stories about perps and the clever things they come up with. Check out this collection of real tales from the street and the hilarious things no one should be dumb enough to say. Wondering which Law Enforcement job is right for you?Check out our PoliceLink Career Profiles to find out! See The List [gate] [page] ...
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    Ten Greatest American Police Patrol Cars

    Whether on the big screen or the rear-view mirror, the radio car is as much a part of the ubiquitous American landscape as the golden arches of McDonalds or the billboards offering "Color TV" to road-weary travelers. Though they represent different things to different people, and we don't always love the people inside, they're there and, in the true American ...
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    Cops and Armed Citizens

    Cops and Armed Citizens
    I grew up around guns. My dad, a farmer by trade, was also an auxiliary deputy with the local sheriff’s department so he owned a pistol or two. My cousins were hunters, and we always had a shotgun in the house that my father could get to if he needed to eliminate an errant raccoon in the garden or a family ...
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    20 Most Ridiculous Police Impersonators

    [photo:499462] Police impersonation happens with amazing frequency considering the stupidity involved. See our list of the most ridiculous stories that is part hilarious, part terrifying. See how officers respond to being pulled over by an obvious fake cop, or the detailed work involved in a federal bust of a cop impersonator ring. Police academy is an incredible challenge, hear about the ...
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    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car

    15 Ways to Spot a Stolen Car
    “G-ride, Hot Roller, Code 37” - no matter what you call it, arresting someone driving a stolen car is solid police work. In this article we are going to examine 15 tactics that will assist you in locating stolen cars. Before we look at these tactics, let’s review a couple of basic legal questions. First, you need little, if any, reasonable ...
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    5 Reminders About Carrying Your Gun on Vacation

    5 Reminders About Carrying Your Gun on Vacation
    Let’s face it, cops love vacation. We work our rear ends off all year so we can go fishing, boating, camping or take the family to the beach, to a historical site, or to one of the big theme parks. However, summer vacation often poses a problem for us when it comes to off duty survival. It’s easy to carry a ...
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    Plain View Doctrine

    The plain view doctrine is an exception to the warrant requirement which allows officers to seize items which they observe and immediately recognize as evidence or contraband while they are lawfully present in an area protected by the 4th Amendment. The foundation case providing the elements of a plain view seizure as related to the plain view doctrine is Horton v. ...
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    The Dumbest Criminals Caught On Tape

    Sometimes the best stories are the ones you can't make up. When it comes to stupid criminals, this tends to be the case. Sit back and enjoy this list of some of the dumbest criminals around doing what they do best! First Video >>> [page] The Bait Car Strikes Again Next Video >>> [page] Caught On 25 Cameras Robbing Security ...
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    Photos: Bizarre Border Busts

    There is no shortage of strange and outrageous criminals along the United States borders. Check out these outrageous busts from the CBP. See The Photos >>>[page] The famous photo of a man sewn into a car seat in an attempt to illegally cross the Mexican/U.S. border. Next Photo >>>[page] A woman hid a nine-pound stash of marijuana inside her daughter's pushchair. ...
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    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective

    5 Tips for Becoming a Detective
    What is it about investigative work and detective work that makes it the center of attention in cop movies that Hollywood spits out on a yearly basis? The love affair with detectives and movies seems to go on year after year, from the likes of Dragnet and Dirty Harry, now television in inundated with crime scene investigators from Los Angeles, to ...
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    PoliceLink's Best Of: Stupid Criminals

    PoliceLink Roundup: Dumbest Criminals of the Year [photo:448386] The stranger than fiction world of dumb criminals never ceases to amaze. Check out some of the best stories we've reported here at PoliceLink about how stupid criminals really can be. See The First Story! >>> [interstitial] Man Gets DUI on Motorized Bar Stool [photo:448247] NEWARK, OH – An Ohio man has been ...
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    Most Outrageous 9-1-1 Calls

    Sometimes the best stories are the ones you can't make up. When it comes to emergency dispatch, this tends to be the case. Sit back and enjoy this list of some of the most outrageous 9-1-1 calls we've ever heard. First Video >>> [interstitial] He Didn’t Get What He Paid For Next Video >>> [page] One Outstanding Elephant Next Video ...
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    Top 25 Cities for Cops

    Top 25 Cities for Cops
    Few professions are as tied to their city as law enforcement. Everything from population growth to the job rate had a direct impact on the daily routine of a police officer. Understanding the overall health and standard of living in a city can make a big difference during one's career. Sure a high starting salary is nice, but that's only part ...
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    Dumbest Crooks Caught At The Border

    US Customs and Border Protection is responsible for every port and border fence in the country -- and that leads to an awful lot of interesting stories. Whether packing drugs, contraband or money, there is no shortage of people trying to get goods into the country illegally. See how the well-trained agents of the CBP use their skills to track down ...
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    Does a Motorist have a Privacy Interest in their License Plate

    Does a Motorist have a Privacy Interest in their License Plate
    All motor vehicle stops must be supported by some level of proof. In other words, officers are not allowed to randomly stop vehicles (i). It is generally not possible to make the stop of a moving vehicle a consensual since an officer must show authority (turn on the emergency light and/or siren) and the motorist must comply (by pulling over) before ...
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