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Chaplain's Corner: Introducing Chaplain Bill Wolfe

Chaplain Bill Wolfe, PoliceLink

763 – Llano. I’m 10-41, 10-8. For nearly nine years now that’s been my standard greeting to dispatch as I start a new shift as Deputy Wolfe, Llano County Sheriff’s Department. So it seemed fitting somehow that I use it as I start this new “shift” – writing for PoliceLink.

Welcome to the PoliceLink Chaplain’s Corner. I contacted PoliceLink about writing for them, and (as usually happens when I volunteer to do something) I was taken up on my offer. So, beginning this month I become a regular contributor.

And since I’m the rookie here, I thought I’d start off by introducing myself and explain a little about where I anticipate going with this column.

As you’ve seen above, my name is Bill Wolfe aka “Chappy” or “Chaplain Bill.” I’m a full-time deputy with the Llano County Sheriff’s Department and my wife and I serve Llano County law enforcement and EMS as Chaplains. I graduated from the San Antonio College Law Enforcement Academy in April 1999 and passed the TCLEOSE (Texas state licensing exam) two weeks later at the tender age of 46. I started reserving for the County right away and went full-time in August of 2005. Most of my professional career was in various facets of data processing.

My wife and I are currently ordained through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries and I have been in lay ministry for over 30 years now, having served twice as an associate pastor, once in Idaho and once in Montana. I achieved Basic Chaplain Certification with the International Conference of Police Chaplains and I am currently member of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers.

My ultimate goal for this column is to remind you that even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, God cares about each and every one of you and your families. I don’t intend to get into deep theological dissertations; I just want to present some ideas for you to ponder. And who knows, maybe we’ll even have some questions and answers from time to time.

You can email me at either or My PoliceLink id is Chapwolfe (bet you’d never have guessed that, hehe).

I’m looking forward to sharing with you in the months to come as we look at topics like everyday police activities and equipment (e.g., patrol, service weapons, patrol cars, radios…) and find examples of things God would have us keep in mind.

I’m glad to have you riding with me, and I hope you enjoy our time together.

Until next time then, blessings to you and yours.

Policelink – this is Chaplain Bill – I’m 10-41, 10-8.

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