High Risk Traffic Stop Procedure


1. Initial Tactics

Radio vehicle plate, description, occupant info

Communicate high-risk stop decision to other units

Pre-plan location for stop

Initiate stop & position units (Contact / Cover)

2. Initial Instructions (Contact Officer)

Assume position of cover


• “Turn off engine”

• “Don’t move”

• “Throw keys out window”

• “Driver / Passenger: put your hands against windshield”

• “Backseat: put hands on back of front seat”

Approach in a manner to reduce risk to officer(s)

3. Removal of Occupants (Contact Officer)

Announce (begin with driver)

• “Reach your hand out the window and open the door from the outside”

• “Step out of the car”

• “Put your hands up”

• “Put your hands behind your head”

• “Kick the door shut”

4. Control (Contact Officer)

Maintain cover & announce:

• “With your hands up, walk backwards toward the sound of my voice” (have subject move to left / right as necessary)

When positioned correctly instruct subject to kneel

• “Lie flat on your front w/arms out to sides”

• “Palms up”

• “Cross your feet at the ankles”

5. Custody From Prone Position (Cover Officer)

Instruct to turn head away from custody officer

6. Clear Vehicle (Contact & Cover)

“You in vehicle — we know you are there — sit up now”

Clear vehicle — maximize officer safety

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