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Not Losing Sight: Terrorism, September 11, 2001 and Where We Are Today

Jose Medina, PortGard Training Consultant

For those who stay on top of the global threats of our society, you may be still part of the team consistently searching, watching and praying another attack does not hit our homeland let alone another part of the globe. But reality is it looms over the horizon and one must wonder a couple of things:

1. What type of attack is next?

2. What group is going to try and stand out and take claim to an attack or attempted attack?

3. Are there other significant dates the threats are looking towards?

4. How prepared are we?

These are just some simple thoughts to consider however what is a very scary thought that we should be aware of is our waterborne operations and ability of threat groups to establish their critical game plans, equipment and ideas through the use of the water. As we all know our shores are open to all and although many operations near the ports through new technology have helped us in this effort, the trafficking of gear, people and ideas through waterborne operations have allowed for the threat groups to find many other avenues to work with. This is the critical nature of why we must prepare for such operations and how the PortGard training and consulting unit can assist agencies in providing more advanced training and operations planning during waterborne operations. Having an “extra set of eyes” on the playing field, so to speak can make a difference in preventing a possible a large scale attack to an actual “attack that could have been avoided”. Critical areas such as threat identification, interviewing suspicious individuals during waterborne operations, Use of Force and Response are just some critical examples of training and consulting programs that PortGard provides to clients. In addition to this, our team consists of specialists in the field of dive operations to assist in searching for critical devices or any other unusual situations requiring our specialized dive services. The objective is to work as a team and learn about the critical threats that currently exist in our waterborne/maritime society. For us as a whole, we must not lose sight of the fact the threats are out there which is why many of our good well trained eyes should be out there also.

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