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Training at the Speed of Knots

Jose Medina

With the recent updates in funding in Homeland Security, one can only help wonder how evenly the funds will be distributed. Currently upgrade to the maritime port security initiative have stepped up with awesome and new technology however, we must begin to prepare for old history that tends to show itself over again. In this day in age, the piracy in the open seas seems to be growing world wide in a rapid pace and with this current trend we must focus some of our attention to this old school, but yet deadly style operation. How may you ask? Here are some examples:

• Security teams should have advanced training that starts from the ground and works it way into the water

• The philosophy should be that every operator on the water must know their surroundings 24/7 when patrolling the waters

• Marksmanship is critical if an armed security detail: Many agencies put units in the water who utilize limited training time either on the ground or in the water

• Force Option™ skill development should be implemented and maintained as standard not as an alternative

• Training should be conducted with the most realistic situations possible allowing for the grading and evaluation of security teams to be an assisting tool for the “real world” event.

• Units should have the proper equipment in the water with all operators maintaining the consistent gear and the gear should be used in training to assure operators whether or not the gear works appropriately. It is not a good time to learn this when an actual operation occurs.

• Obtain training from specialists in the field of maritime as well as specialists who have strong skills and certifications in the use of lethal and non-lethal training backgrounds

• Overall, training that gives the advance security waterborne operator that tactical edge in dealing with critical incidents on a 24/7 basis. Remember, obtaining training from “lack of expertise in the field” type individuals will only lead to possible huge liabilities and possible fatal consequences.

Remember, training your for the real time and real world event will only create a stronger security blanket for both the clients you protect and our nation that we defend.

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