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Training/Documentation “Major Lesson Plan”

Jack Ryan

As part of the Liability and Risk Management Institute’s continued effort to further manage the risk and reduce financial losses through lawsuits, each edition of the legal update will include a major lesson plan. This major lesson plan may be used as a method to conduct and document training.

How does it work?

Supervisors are provided with the legal update for review. The supervisor then presents the scripted lesson plan to officers to determine their level of knowledge/ability with respect to the topic presented.

Following an initial roll-call training, officers who have been presented with the material should be encouraged or required to review the legal update. At a subsequent roll-call, following the officers’ review of the legal update, a supervisor may review the scripted lesson-plan to reinforce what the office has learned.

Agencies that utilize this method of training will be in a better position to defend failure to train claims while at the same time enhancing the professionalism of their department.

There are additional benefits as well which include, having the supervisor perform the function of a trainer and coach to his or her officers; and providing officers with greater knowledge regarding their profession to enhance their career development.

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