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Roll-Call Training: Use of Force

Jack Ryan


Officers respond to a supermarket for a reported shoplifter. They are met by the manager who insists on prosecuting an 80 year old woman who has been shoplifting cat food on a regular basis for her cats. Officers inform the woman that she is under arrest. The woman refuses to go with the officers.

Have officers apply the three-prong test to determine what degree of force would be reasonable.


Officers respond to a disturbance in which they observe a man chasing his neighbor with a baseball bat. Upon seeing the police the man drops the bat and submits to handcuffing. However, as police attempt to place him in the police vehicle, he lets his body go limp and refuses to cooperate with officers’ attempts to place him in the transport vehicle.

What level of force would be reasonable?


Police officers respond to a call of a strong-arm robbery. Upon their arrival, they spot the suspect who flees on foot. An officer is able to corner the suspect in an alley. The suspect takes up a fighting stance while verbally threatening the officer.

Applying the three-prong test, have officers articulate the level of force that would be reasonable.

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