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Medic Up!

STL Joseph Garcia

Every team should have a medic. The problem in the past is that medics have been ignored. Until recently, teams have simply adopted medics. Many CERTSOU Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams throughout the country now incorporate combat medics that are certified from PA, EMT’s, Full Paramedics, or etc. These men are often the team’s lifeline. With responsibilities for team health and fitness, CERT combat medics (CCM) in a jail / prison high intensity conflict emergency situation can work in a battle zone under extreme pressure.

CCM’s handle anything from stabs, punctures, breaks, sprains, cardiac arrest, tier falls, finger jams, burns, less lethal injures, dehydration, etc. These are just some of the medical emergencies that CCMs handle.

CCM’s don’t take the place of your facility medical personnel, however, in a hot zone while an inmate is combative, CCM’s are trained to handle injured inmates at the operational site.

The golden hour is critical. Often an injured officer or inmate is not removed from the operations area for at least 15 – 30 minutes due to the nature of the crisis. Thus, CCMs play a potentially life-saving role.

Training and Readiness:

CCM’s are worth their weight in gold! CCM’s must undergo the same intense training that operators are expected to undergo. Only after qualification will a CCM go to their prospective schools. Pre-qualification is dependent upon agency requirements. If your agency is going to implement a CCM program, it is important that you have the right personnel selected for this technical specialized position.

The investment in CCMs is critical as they require very specialized and technical equipment. Consider an investment of between $1,500 – $3,500 per CCM, depending on the level of technical equipment the operator will carry. This is in addition to the money spent on each operator.

For information and resources on additional medical equipment consider the following medical suppliers:

  • Chinook Medical Supply Center – Leaders in Tactical Medical Equipment
  • ALD Company CCM Suppliers
  • Eagle Industries Medical Back Packs

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