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Senior Trainer Tip of the Month

STL Joseph Garcia

“We put operators in little tasks that are monumental to an operator, but are trivial to us”

This means that we are responsible to ensure the smooth growth of our operators and we, as trainers, should strive to have our operators be the best, even if that means they are better than us in some areas of operations. Don’t be threatened, be proud because you have done your job! Remember, not all high-level operators can teach. You are important to your team.

Being a Senior Trainer/Instructor means being a mentor and leader, an encourager, and not demoralizer. You are tasked with an awesome responsibility, and must be respected by your people, even if they don’t like you! A Senior Trainer or Instructor has no favorites or kiss-ass pets; all are equal. One man does not make a successful unit, and one man should not be treated as such.

If you have a favorite operator and you invest more in him, or even in a few operators, then you have an unbalanced unit. The responsibilities of a trainer are more difficult than an operator; we train, so we must hold ourselves to a stricter level. To become an instructor with us is at least a 2-year process, even before we stick an instructor in front of students. We are that serious about training and you should be to!

You operators are a reflection of your training.

A Squared Away CERTSOU Team Trainer

Does not operate with a ‘do as I say and not as I do’ mentality.

Does not operate from a desk view, but from the same floor as the operator.

Does not hog up training with a ‘look at me’ or ‘battle stories’ mindset

Does not go to training courses just to build their resume

Does not hog up all of the training courses and not share the opportunity for other operators to go to training

Is an active team member that participates with the unit

Final Note:

Regardless of how you see yourself, you are not God’s gift to CERT. You are a CERT servant, and teacher with a gift that must keep on giving! Give the men your passion and they will give you their dedication and commitment!

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