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Drug Testing: CERT's Quiet New Weapon

STL Joseph Garcia

In correctional facilities of all sizes, illegal drugs are one of the most popular forms of contraband and currency. For staff, they’re a scourge that eludes virtually all attempts at eradication or even reduction. For CERT operators, inmates who peddle or use illegal drugs are frequently the cause of extreme violence.

That’s why one of the most effective tools in the progressively trained CERT unit’s toolbox is the simple drug test. From what US C-SOG trainers are hearing from operators who participate in High Risk Security Patrol Units, a new, non-invasive drug test kit is becoming their best-kept secret.

Random unannounced drug tests are affordable. New test kits on the market today are small and compact (easily transportable), highly accurate, less invasive, and far easier to administer than handling urine. Conducted randomly, inmates do not know in advance that golden flow is being done. Most importantly, testers can know the results of the text within five minutes of administering the test!

The kits can gauge recent drug use, not positive long-term use. The presence of illegal drugs does not have to go into bladder or kidneys for an inmate to test positively.

Other advantages of the new test kit:

  • Very Scientific with no false positives
  • Reduce contraband
  • Detect users and potentially mules
  • Does not require a lot of personnel to witness or monitor
  • Very cost effective
  • Within 5 minutes you know the result
  • Reassure your HRSP that you are taking a more progressive step towards reducing the traffic of illegal drugs, and thereby taking concrete actions to ensure their safety

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    over 7 years ago


    drugs are a big part of the contraband, but cell phones are making a big impact aswell

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