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You Have Received a Hit Confirmation

Hello, and welcome once again to the Chaplain’s Corner. Boy, here it is July already, the part of the year when most everyone focuses a bit closer on patriotism. At least until the fireworks are over. (That’s because they aren’t wearing body armor in the Texas sun. We just think about staying in the car where it’s cool, well… cooler anyway.)

“You Have Received a Hit Confirmation”… so said the talking computer. (Those of you who don’t frequent Dispatch don’t have a clue, do you? ) At least that’s what our dispatchers hear when we get an out-of-county warrant confirmed over TCIC. There’s a “hit” when the computer finds an outstanding warrant. Dispatch then sends a “confirmation request” to the agency and receives a “hit confirmation” in return.

Confirmation is a good thing in a number of areas. When we’re on the traffic stop, receiving a confirmation gives us the green light to cuff-and-stuff. When the Sergeant (or other supervisor) pats us on the shoulder and gives us a “done good” confirmation, it makes us feel good and helps build confidence. Sometimes when he/she tells us our vacation request is confirmed, we feel even better.

It’s probably safe to say (whether we’ll admit it or not) that we humans suffer a little insecurity from time to time, and it feels good to get a confirmation that we’re on the right track or we’re still on good terms with someone we care about. The same is certainly true in the spiritual realm as well. One of the most famous Biblical accounts about confirmation is that of Gideon and the fleece. The short version is that Gideon wanted to make sure God was talking to him, so he asked God to confirm it – first by keeping a piece of wool dry and then a second time by making it wet – and God did both just as Gideon requested. (You can read the long version in the 6th chapter of the Book of Judges in the Old Testament.)

As Christians, it isn’t unusual for us to go through “dry spells,” when we don’t feel the presence of God like we used to. During those times, Satan likes to start throwing doubts at us, telling us that we’ve drifted too far way; that the dryness we feel means that God doesn’t care about us anymore. It seems like our prayers don’t make it higher than the lightbar.

Even Chaplains can get there sometimes. I was feeling a tad discouraged a couple of weeks ago as I went to work at the grocery store. They always keep Country & Western on for music in the store, which I don’t really care for as a rule. But that day, as I was working on some grocery isle, the refrain of a song that I don’t remember ever hearing caught my ear. It was “I’d Choose You Again” by the Forester Sisters.

I didn’t think of it in those terms at the time, but hearing that song was a “hit confirmation” of sorts. As I paid more attention, it was if God were saying, “I haven’t stopped loving you.” And then I thought about Jesus’ death. The Bible tells us that He willingly suffered that death for us. And while the Bible doesn’t say so, I believe that the truth is there that if He had to do it over again, He would choose to do so because no matter our shortcomings, He still loves us as much as He ever did.

I looked up the lyrics of the song on the internet yesterday. The song is sung from the point of view of a woman looking back on her life and relationship with her man. With a little “poetic license” (Christians are called “the Bride of Christ”), I can see the words applying to my Christian life since I chose Jesus. Here are the words:

Looking in my life through the eyes of a young girl Growing older all the time, maybe just a little wiser I can clearly see all my mistakes keep coming back to visit me Pointing out the roads not taken So much I’d like to change but one thing I’d do the same

I’d choose you again, I’d choose you again If God gave me the chance to do it all again Oh, I’d carefully consider every choice and then Out of all the boys in the world I’d choose you again

Times weren’t always good Seems like the Lord gave all the easy parts away But every time the road got rocky You’d look at me and say Had all you needed long as I was there with you You’re the reason I kept going If I could start my life anew The first thing that I would do

I’d choose you again, I’d choose you again If God gave me the chance to do it all again Oh, I’d carefully consider every choice and then Out of all the boys in the world I’d choose you again

I’m sure one of my readers somewhere is feeling a little down and discouraged. I can assure you that He does still care. Try sending up your own “hit confirmation request” and see what comes your way.

As always, thanks for listening and “be careful out there.”

Chaplain Bill

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