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Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

11) We have just received word that the city council is allocating positions that we’d have to fill fairly quickly. If selected, how soon would you be able to start?

A) I couldn’t start before six months as I have booked a cruise.

Bad Answer: Shows where the applicant’s priorities are. Panel members would be concerned that applicant’s personal life would come before agency responsibility.

B) I would be happy to start at whatever point is good for the department as long as I can give my current employer the professional courtesy of two weeks notice.

Good Answer: Shows that the applicant is being responsible to current employer. Agency will view this as an indicator of how the applicant would treat them if he or she was hired.

C) Whenever you call me, sir.

Bad Answer: Shows a lack of concern for current employer. Panel members would view this as how they would be treated if the applicant saw something else better come along.

D) I’m pretty flexible as long as I start on day shift.

Bad Answer: Shows applicant already has conditions for employment.

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