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Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

10) Please tell the panel where you see yourself in this agency in five years.

A) I’ll be in your job, Captain.

Bad Answer: May be a bit threatening to the Captain leading the oral board panel.

B) I don’t plan on being a cop on the street long. As soon as I can, I’m going to be a homicide detective.

Bad Answer: Shows impatience and unrealistic knowledge of how agency works.

C) First off, I want to be the best patrol officer that I can be. I want to learn and earn the respect of the agency and the community. After I’ve gotten settled on that, I want to work on my degree part-time and eventually work on preparing for the supervisory promotion process.

Good Answer: Shows realistic assessment of how to progress in the job. Shows concern for employer and community. Shows good goals.

D) I will be going to law school next year and am just doing the law enforcement job to give me a good background for a criminal defense law practice.

Bad Answer: Shows that the applicant cares only for him or herself. Agency will be concerned about putting time and money into applicant only to have them leave.

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