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Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

3) What do know about our agency?

A) Not much. I figured I’d learn all that after I got hired and you guys are paying me

Bad Answer: Applicant didn’t bother to take time to research agency. Will not go above and beyond the minimum that he is paid to do.

B) My Mom told me that you were a good place to work and that the benefits were good

Bad Answer: Applicant relied on Mom for his research and decision. Focused on benefits and not the heart of the career choice.

C) In addition to information I got from the ride-along and talking with officers, I read the departmental website and looked online at old newspaper articles. I found that the department has a good reputation and is pro-training. I also saw that Chief Jones has been in his post for some time and so has much of the command staff signifying stability and low turnover.

Good Answer: Applicant took several steps to research the agency. He knew much about the organization, as well as the chief’s name and service. Applicant also processed and thought about what the information he discovered meant to him and the characteristics that they share.

D) Well, I looked into you guys and found that I like your uniforms and your cars. They are really professional in appearance.

Bad Answer: While the comment about professional appearance was good, the tenor of the answer implied only a surface orientation. The applicant had a rookie’s view of the symbols of authority.

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