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10 Tips for Ride-Alongs

Dr. Richard Weinblatt

2) Clear Up Warrant

And speaking of background checks, make sure that any warrants you may have are cleared up prior to applying for a ride-along.  The police are not fond of wanted criminals riding with them, so they do check.

You laugh at the thought that someone would do this with an active warrant in the system, but I’ve seen it happen.  One young man called in to do a ride-along with my department some time ago.  Well, you probably guessed that his background check came up with a warrant for failure to appear (for court).  I called him up and told him to come to the building, as his ride-along was ready.  So, being a service-minded public servant, he got his ride-along as he wished-except it was in the back seat, not in the front.  And it was only to the county jail.  He even got fire hand experience with handcuffs.

#3: Wear Appropriate Clothing in Layers >>>

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