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Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said

Top Ten Stupid Things an Ex-Cop Turned Pro-Drugs Has Said

Andrew Hawkes / PoliceLink

“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” -General Patton

Like most cops, I was seriously angered when I heard about a certain Ex-Cop and how he had gone from being a police officer to teaching criminals how to smuggle dope. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, a traitor is a traitor. And a traitor has no friends, only enemies.

So I decided to take the advice of the great General Patton and watch this certain ex-cop’s video just so I could “know thy enemy”. It wasn’t long into the video when my anger turned into disgust as I watched him give advice that was not only stupid, it was down right dangerous. So I felt it was my duty to come up with this “Top Ten List” in hopes that some people out there will think twice before they buy this video.

10. “Never carry more dope with you than you can eat.” – He implies here that if you are smuggling dope and get pulled over by a cop, simply swallow your dope. Most experienced officers have been in a situation where someone has swallowed dope and had to be rushed to the emergency room to have their stomach pumped so they wouldn’t die. Eating and overdosing on dope can kill a person.

9. “All cops are drug addicts…” – He implies here that all cops are addicted to adrenaline. Feeling the rush of busting a criminal can hardly be compared with an illegal drug junkie. It is true that our job requires us to live in an heightened state of awareness but considering what we as police officers are called on to do and then turn right around and call us drug addicts is shameful. That’s really low even for this guy.

8. “Don’t drive too careful” – His point here is that a cop is less likely to pull you over if you are speeding. An estimated 1.2 million people die every year in fatal car accidents. Do us all a favor and keep this horrible piece of advice to yourself. On a side note, this piece of advice is irrelevant because a highly trained interdiction officer is going to pick up on other indicators even if the drug hauler is speeding.

7. “Love is the central theme” – He claims that the whole reason he made this video was out of love. Sorry but after watching the video, it is very evident that he wishes he were still a cop. But since he can’t be a cop, what better way to profit from his knowledge (limited as it is) than to market it to criminals? Profit, not love is the central theme of this certain video.

6. “The war on drugs is pointless because we only catch a small percentage” – we also don’t catch all of the child predators, murderers and thieves, but we dang sure try. This ex-cop seems to think that a lawless state with criminals and drug runners running amuck is the best for society. That is called anarchy and is absurd.

5. “Most Drug Dealers are good people” – is he sure about this one? Is he talking about the same cocaine and methamphetamine dealers who are smuggling their poison all over America costing thousands of lives and millions of dollars every year? I wouldn’t exactly call them “good”. A better word would be “parasite”.

4. “Marijuana is safe” – Once again, this is a flat out lie. The average marijuana joint contains nearly 50% more of the chemical benzopyrene (cancer causing) than the average tobacco cigarette. Marijuana has been proven to cause bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, and lung cancer. It is also been proven that marijuana is the second most common drug, after alcohol, present in the blood of fatally injured persons. That’s real “safe” now isn’t it? I could go on with more facts but what would be the point? Marijuana is NOT safe.

3. “It is impossible to overdose on marijuana” Tell that to Lake Highlands High School where 18 staff members were rushed to the emergency room after marijuana spiked muffins were delivered as a practical joke.

2. “Big Majority of Cops are Racists” – Maybe this ex-cop knew a few racist cops…big deal. There are bad apples in every profession. Again he is showing his ignorance and very limited knowledge of law enforcement. There are hundreds of thousands of police officer’s in this country, and most of them are not racists but decent men and women of all races just doing their job.

1. “Interdiction officers don’t work in the rain” – He is doing us a favor by telling dopers this myth. In fact, we should let him keep giving this advice!

Police Officer’s all over this country put their lives on the line every day to make our world a safer and better place for us to live. Maybe someday someone close to this ex-cop will be affected by the sinister world of illegal narcotics and he will have a change of heart. This is not a game. This is real and we ARE at war. This is a war on drugs and violence and every good cop has joined this fight to win!

Good luck and stay safe out there and remember that your number one priority is to go home at the end of your shift…

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 4 years ago


    jwhitfield, your comment highlights a major problem found within insular organizations like law enforcement. The need to maintain close working relations with coworkers and superiors puts intense pressure on individuals to not voice concerns, questions and alternate points of view.

    This creates an inward-looking culture where those who don't blindly accept the beliefs of the group are viewed with intense suspicion and subject to ridicule, even though no member of the group is willing to openly and rationally debate the issues on their merits.

    Ultimately a culture like this will distance the organization from its environment, reducing its efficiency and hampering its ability to change in step with changes in the environment it operates. Alternate points of view on are a good thing as they introduce into the organization opinions and perspectives that can't be raised from within the organization itself.

  • Mv5bmje2mjgwnje2mv5bml5banbnxkftztcwnzc2mtqymq____v1__cr0_0_216_216_ss100__max50


    over 4 years ago


    I'm reading some of these comments people are leaving and I'm slightly shocked that there are so many potheads using "" and actually willing to argue for the ability to use it legally. All I can really say is that you should stop using drugs now before you: A: Turn more stupid or B: Go to prison.

  • Th_detective_max50


    over 4 years ago


    We will one day when the pot laws are repealed and hopefully, the cops can be tried for their crimes against humanity and placed in the same cages they throw everybody else in. Hitler's men were punished for following crazy laws.
    Really BarryCooper? Crimes Against Humanity? I cannot control what Mr. Hawkes put in his article but I can, and will control the derogatory name calling, and the anti LEO tirades of posters in the threads. I was not stopping, or limiting people's ability to make their points, whether for or against Marijuana. You Sir, have definitely stepped over the line with your comparisons of LEOs to Nazis. Thank you for your contributions to this thread, good bye and good night Sir!

  • Th_detective_max50


    over 4 years ago


    Name calling and personal attacks upon LEO members, or the LE Community as a whole, will not be tolerated. Posts that resort to name calling will be deleted without warning. As a point of order, the possession, use, sale, distribution of Marijuana is still illegal in most parts of this country (despite the efforts of the Marijuana/Hemp support crowd to legalize it).
    Many of the excuses and justifications for Marijuana use listed in this thread are the same arguments that have been around since the 1960's. In a very general way the positions of the LE Community and the Marijuana/Hemp crowd are diametrically opposed when it comes to the subject of Marijuana. I do not see there being any chance of the two sides coming to any agreement on this issue.
    The rational of someone coming to a police site and espousing and supporting the use of Marijuana boggles the mind. If you expect to get agreement with your pro-Marijuana stance here I believe that you will be, predictably, disappointed.

  • Thumb_skulls_20_16__max50


    over 4 years ago


    To the last post..Dude are you for real? If you have this hate in your heart for law enforcement then please do us all a favor and leave this site. And the next time you need a police officer then don't call. Take care of it with your "Barry Cam or whatever other toy you have. And as for the title of Pastor? You sir are no Christian. In fact you are worse than an aethiest for you are a poser. Please , the line to leave starts with you....

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 4 years ago


    I say the flowowing as as father and a former drug user:

    There are two major issues I take with your article
    1. You are either being intentinonaly deceptive or you are ignorant about the field you work in.
    2. To suggest that my son would have been better of with a father in jail than with a caring parent who had a medical problem is nothing short of disgusting.

    Anyone with any knowledge of drug culture knows quite well that calling marijuna 'dope' is like calling tabacco crack.

    People with addiction problems need help from professionals familiar with the issue. They do not need to be put in a cold hard cell.

    I suspect that if 'fornication' (by it's legal definintion) allowed for the hefty fines and asset fortutute rules that drug crimes are privy to that you'd be writing articles about unfaithfulness.

    Please, for the sake of families, pull your head out of the sand. A father or mother enjoying a joint over a weekend do not deserve to have their children taken away from them and their lives, and that of their children, destroyed.

    Let's inject some common sense into this debate and look at the big picture.

    I fi not by any means condole the use of drugs; buy when the 'solution' causes mare harm than the problem it's time to step back and reevaluate.

  • Profile1_max50


    over 4 years ago


    This article was not about marijuana but about a traitor to the force.
    He also screwed over society in general as everyone’s tax money goes to train law enforcement and he then used the education or TRIED to the detriment of society.

    Drug smuggling is illegal and a retired or past LEO has no business supporting illegal activity, period.

    Because some people are getting unruly / hostile which saddens me particularly the hostility vented at “Parent4Life” I will address some points. I am not an LEO but was considering a career change and I have stayed part of this online community because I was impressed with the caliber of people and level of respect the members give one another.

    The outward hostility dished out to Parent4Life does not reflect that. Misinformation has been used to berate Parent4Life and it reads as though they are being bullied to shut up.

    Parent4Life was NOT hostile in sharing their opinion but some responses were. If this type of communication becomes the norm I will not be able to ‘stay’ part of this community. I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way and what fun is sharing if everyone always agrees or is afraid to be berated if they do not?

    I am not a doctor but have studied marijuana for years for medical use.

    Legalizing Marijuana would solve SOME problems. Just like legalizing Booze did. Unfortunately Booze is much, much more toxic then marijuana and the health issues linked to alcoholism are many.

    I won’t be biased I watched my ex husband sit his life away stoned. Pot can be destructive. Just like booze a teen or adult high on pot with impaired judgment may make bad decisions they otherwise would not have.

    My ex was like that commercial where the kid melts into the sofa. I worked 3 jobs to support us and our daughter. I fought with him to stop smoking it.
    However as soon as booze touched his lips he was very violent and abusive and he drank when he couldn’t get pot.
    He was destined to be a druggie no matter what – some people are just ill and chose to self medicate. Removing pot from the equation only made him a bigger loser.

    We start with 2 main strains, Sativa and Indica. Indica is the strain that makes a person tired and medically is excellent for insomnia and also helpful for bipolar patients during manic episodes. Unlike lithium and other medications which must be taken regularly marijuana can be used as needed.

    Those who suffer with depression are best helped with strains of Sativa which does NOT cause sleepiness.

    BUT on the street dealers do not know what they are selling half the time.

    You do not want a bipolar patient during a manic episode to take a strain of Sativa – and if that particular plant it came from shows properties which cause paranoia the damages can be real.

    The stoners who run the medical marijuana dispensaries KNOW what every type they sell ‘does’. The patient divulges their diagnosis and they will match the right weed to the right symptoms.

    I AGREE with those on this board that seem although a bit too angrily to demand marijuana is respected as many other drug.
    Marijuana is a drug and it alters and should NOT be treated like no big deal.
    But we cannot educate the public while it remains illegal at least not as well as we do other drugs.

    To say taking away some of the cartels product / revenue is not worth it because they have other drugs to sell is like saying why arrest any of them since we can’t get them all.

    Obviously selling multiple products are a wise choice for any business. How do you think they ‘recover’ from a large drug bust? If their coke gets confiscated at least they have the bread and butter revenue pot provides.

    It does NOT cause cancer and has showed promise in fighting certain kinds even, and is MUCH better for the body then most drugs including Tylenol. I assure you given a choice you would rather have your child ingest a bag of weed then bottle of Tylenol.

    Booze overdose and withdraws can kill a patient - no one has ever died of pot or THC withdraw or OD.

    Pot is a gateway product for dealers not for users.
    Many actually most, hard drug dealers started with pot used the product to learn the ‘business’ and their pot profits also to go into procuring and dealing harder stuff. They usually don't take their customer base with them during the transition.

    The country could use the tax revenue legalization would enable for sure.

    It is not physically addictive and much less toxic then Tylenol. Unless the patient is allergic you cannot kill yourself with THC or marijuana.

    Those teachers who got slipped the pot who went to the ER were scared as anyone would be if they found themselves high or altered but didn't know what caused it, but not in any physical distress due to the actual drug, THC in pot.

    Eating THC can be cause a VERY strong effect and it would be terrifying for someone who had no experience with pot or was not prepared.
    Even seasoned pot heads wouldn’t want to ingest brownies from an untrusted source who knows what could be I them. But it is paranoia that sends people to the hospital just like panic attacks do.

    However eating the raw weed does not release enough THC to do much of anything. THC requires processing beforehand, like cooking in butter - in fat or soaking in alcohol or it simply passes through the body.

    There is a LOT of misinformation about pot. It first became illegal due to the paper industry because Hemp grows like weed and a nice paper product can be made of it. It was a real threat to the tree harvesters and paper mills. Hemp also has a very tiny amount of THC. You would be hard pressed to smoke enough to get any high.

    The alcohol industry is more then happy to pick up the lobbying against booze reins as are the pharmaceutical companies. They make a lot of money off many medications that can be replaced with pot.

    Marijuana CAN be dangerous if administered to someone with underlying mental illness because it can cause paranoia.

    If made legal a pharmacist can educate and regulate. A very weak and tested all purpose strain can be sold OTC and purchased without pharmacist input or direction.

    Cartels and gangs lose a form of revenue.

    I agree the cartel and gang members should be treated like terrorist because they are. Gitmo is a perfect place for them versus in state prisons where they continue to run their ‘businesses’ even behind bars.

    I also appreciate feedback and clearly I have taken some time to address this but I will not read responses which are meant to bully me into not sharing what I know or even think I know for that matter. I am not a criminal I do not sell weed or even partake but have taken the time to educate myself. And based on that I do believe it should be legalized.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 4 years ago


    Since the dawn of time, mankind has always been attracted to mood-altering and mind-altering substances. It is part of the human condition, and it is not going to go away.

    Given that, where is the wisdom in turning a significant portion of what would otherwise be considered a group of law-abiding citizens into criminals? People are people, and they like their glass of beer after work or their toke of marijuana or their intermittent cigarette breaks during the day. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, marijuana, xanax, cocaine, MDMA... the list goes on and on and they are ALL drugs. Period. And the ones that are legal seem rather arbitrary to me. It could just as easily have been marijuana that became the legal drug of choice in this country, and alcohol that was demonized and forbidden under penalty of law.

    Studies show that alcohol is much more dangerous and destructive than pot (which is comparatively benign and actually has many legitimate health benefits and medicinal values) and yet the state sanctions the cocktail nation and harshly punishes the stoners. It's cultural programming that is preventing people from adopting a more tolerant stance towards marijuana.

    Lets face it - abuse of any substance is going to be destructive in the life of an addict. But when you look at the facts objectively, marijuana is pretty tame compared to most other substances - including alcohol and nicotine (which studies show is more addictive than even heroin).

    Clearly it is time to step back and re-evaluate our policy on marijuana. Can we all at least agree to keep an open mind about this while we collectively have another look?

  • Photo_user_banned_big


    over 4 years ago


    What concerns this Oregonian is how many kops still believe the PR/propaganda about pot. Our founding fathers would, I believe, roll over in their graves if they knew what our current government says about cannabis and hemp! Most of those REAL MEN not only smoked it, but they believed it was one of our country's greatest resources! Now... fast forward a couple hundred years, and we have come so far that we try to ban a plant that's been used for thousands of years by humans for all the same things we use it for today. And this is just the tip of the ice-burg of knowledge about marijuana.

    Most people get their info from only one source. And that source is the one that most justifies their own ego. "I'm just doing my job..." no longer cuts it for me. Hitlers henchmen tried that excuse during the Nuremberg trials. And they ended up dangling from the end of a rope.

    Good luck KOPS! I hope your ego driven justification starts waking you up at night. I hope the sounds of children's voices crying for their mom or dad who are in prison because of you arresting them for non-violent drug possession, haunts you and never lets you rest. I hope you will be met with justice, and served a dose of your own 'tough love'.

    There are good people who are cops. Therefore, the war on drugs forces good people to do very bad things. Karma is a bitch, even if you're generally a good person. But if you continue enforcing these horribly failed policies, it will come back to you... It's only a matter of time.

    Then there are some very violent, abusive and racist people who are KOPS. So our policies actually give an open playing field for these people to perpetrate their lust for aggressive behavior. But because of the same policies, these dirt-bags are protected, and more often than not, are kept on the force because of how much money they bring in to the department.

    I'm a father of three, beautiful, intelligent and healthy kids. I hope they will grow up in a world that encourages the use of cannabis and hemp. I'm tired of being lied to, and I will not allow this to go down another generation.


  • Photo_user_banned_big


    over 4 years ago


    Regulation, science based education and treating abuse as a medical problem is a better drug policy; increasing public safety and harm reduction plus freeing up billions in wasted funds to use toward catching more violent and sexual predators or incarcerating those who sell drugs to children or drive intoxicated.

    Don't believe the propaganda; we wage this war to protect our children! The devastating and deadly facts are our babies; especially teens have become collateral damage in this grossly failed war. The destruction of the sacred family unit is one of the worst consequences prohibition forces on children.

    Brutal, bloody prohibition supports despicable people who sell drugs to children, recruit them to sell to their peers and arm them to kill the competition. Across America paramilitary drug raids trigger violence rather than lessen the risk.

    Despite having six times the Netherlands adult incarceration rate, this insane policy has created an obscene teenage murder rate that's nineteen times higher than in the Netherlands, where drugs are regulated, controlled and taxed!

    Only 50 percent of high school students graduate in our ten biggest cities and only 40 per cent graduate in NYC, Baltimore and Detroit. In the Netherlands 92 percent graduate; that's No Child Left Behind!

    It is overkill and morally bankrupt to arrest nonviolent people for making a safer health choice, cannabis or marijuana, compared to other medicinal/social drugs. Educate people with science-based truth and they will make better choices for themselves.

  • 20937_326612226256_721676256_5080300_7611332_n_max50


    over 4 years ago


    dont really care about the kids in mexico... last time i checked i live and fight for the US... If the mexican government wants to get off its lazy behind and help out their kids then good for them... oh, and i believe in God...

    God Bless the USA and every one that fights for it.

  • Car_004_max50


    over 4 years ago



    I hope you are not a parent or am at least glad you are not mine. Marijuana is only a piece of the problem. It is currently illegal and I pray to GOD that it remains that way. No offense to the children of Mexico but I (and thousands of others) risk our lives every day for the children of THIS COUNTRY! We cannot save everyone and why don't you blame the Mexican Govt. for not stopping the violence in their own country, why do you blame the laws here for the death there? You are misguided if you believe making marijuana legal will save lives, what about cocain? you think drug lords will just say, AWWWWWW CRAP, weed is legal in the US so guess we are out of business and Mexico is now a happy safe place for the children to play in the streets, lets join hands and sing songs together while we sniff flowers. Maybe if you weren't smoking so much weed you would see this. I am sad to see another blemish on the badge from a prior officer. To me Mr Cooper is defacing the badge and disrespecting all the officers that gave up their lives and families that have lost their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend ........ETC, in an attempt to stop the crime caused by drugs in their neighborhoods. To me it is the same as disgracing the flag of this Great Country with the blood of our military heros that died so you can spread your "information" freely. I can't go on, this upsets me to much so I will just say you both need help!

    GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY, OUR MILITARY and OUR LEO'S that continue to fight the GOOD FIGHT!!

  • Bobble_head_max50


    over 4 years ago


    I simply cannot believe some of the people who post on here, claiming to be supportive of law enforcement, which Mr. Cooper is obviously not. Marijuana is one more thing that causes intoxication. It is not a wonder drug, it is used to get high. We already have alcohol, we don't need more (where will it end?). Also, everyone says good, tax it and we'll make money! Those same people are the ones who say cigarette companies are bad and exploit our youth for profit, yet it will be okay to do the same with marijuana. I know of several fatal accidents in which the primary factor was the driver was under the influence of weed and was doing stuff he probably wouldn't normally do, and his reactions were also impaired. Why is that okay? Mr. Cooper is one of those guys that you can't talk to because he will rationalize his position as long as he can make money. Hopefully one of his "friends" that he is helping will put him out of our misery. Oh that's right, marijuana dealers are all such lovely folks. They have good jobs and are upstanding pillars of society, right? Another "expert" witness that is anything but. Mr. Cooper, you make my skin crawl.

  • Rcmp_max50


    over 4 years ago


    This is a list of things that this traitor is telling criminals to try and get away from the law, if you wanna know more about how pot kills, or if your a pot activist go over to the green peace site, this isn't a university lecture, the chances are that this officer knows a whole lot more about this kind of thing then you do. Being out there every damn day to serve his country.


  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 4 years ago


    On Point #4, what is the source of you information? Who funded the studies? What is the historical Data? I'm not saying that what you're saying is not true but would like to see the empirical data, not just anecdotal info.

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