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Training Our Cops For Combat

Training Our Cops For Combat

SWAT Digest

If any police academy or criminal justice institute… if any police or sheriff’s agency has developed training and policy that knowingly and willingly risks a law enforcement professional’s life or health merely for the purpose of reducing liability risk some infinitesimal amount, you should be ashamed of yourself. The men and women who wear the badge today deserve every bit of training and support we can give them. If we’re not adequately and properly preparing them for combat against terrorists who have invaded our land, then we’re doing them – and all of the communities they serve – an injustice.

It’s an unfortunate reality that “protect and defend” might mean having to commit acts of violence. Personally, I’d be happy if everyone could just get along. I’m a Christian and I’m not offended in the least bit by cartoons about Jesus or the fact that someone else thinks Jesus is a lesser prophet. That’s their belief and they’re entitled to it. However, when anyone comes along attempting to alter my beliefs to agree with theirs, and they do so by committing acts of war, then I believe in fighting back; in full unfettered resistance with violence sufficient to overcome the violence being targeted at me / us.

Our law enforcement professionals today need to be taught small unit tactics; fire and maneuver; overwatch and bounding. They need to have training on the most common weapons of today’s terrorists; how to recognize them; what the weapon’s capabilities are; how to make the weapon safe; and maybe most important, how to use the weapon effectively if circumstances mandate it. Our law enforcement professionals need to NOT be lied to. They need to be given an honest and realistic appraisal of the risk of terrorist attacks in our country today and what the high-risk targets are. Certainly, terrorists would love to infiltrate and sabotage a nuclear power plant. What are the chances? It’d be tough. Nuke plants are well guarded. Terrorists would be just as happy to infiltrate and take over elementary schools in our country and enjoy the media lime light while we scramble around trying to appease them to save the children we should have been protecting in the first place.

I know that there are those who read my material and believe that I’ve got a few loose bolts (heck, my friends think I’ve got a few screws loose). And maybe I am a bit too paranoid about terrorists and their desire to come to the United States and do us harm. Then again, maybe I’m not. And we really shouldn’t be preparing for what we estimate the terrorist might be capable of in the next decade… we should be preparing for what the terrorist has already proven he is capable of; willing and eager to do; because he’s done it in the past.

Here in the United States, if any kind of terrorist attack occurs, there are two sets of front line soldiers: citizens and cops. Thanks to the military service veterans in both groups, the terrorists will get a nasty surprise. Unfortunately, if we haven’t adequately and properly prepared our “front line troops”, the terrorists will cause much more damage and loss of life than they would if we were adequately and properly preparing our forces.

Cops… all law enforcement professionals in the United States today are contemporary warriors. If we don’t train them fully and completely as such then we are committing an injustice not just to them, but to those they serve.


Originally published at SWAT Digest.

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