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Kevin Powers | PoliceLink

Ford Crown Vic

known as the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Ford built this popular patrol car off of the Lincoln Town Car.

It’s the only full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger cars built in North America, which increases handling and provides officers better traction during acceleration. It’s also one of the few body-on-frame vehicles available, which makes it better suited for heavy-duty usage and easier to repair after crashes.

The car, which is only sold from Ford for law enforcement use, is built with V8 power, heavy duty transmission, heavy duty brakes, and a 250 hp (190 kW) engine.

And there are some other notable upgrades in the Police Interceptor. An external oil-to-coolant heat exchanger keeps engine oil temperatures down. The transmission is set up for more aggressive shifting, they added a dual exhaust system and a “stab plate” is installed behind the seats to prevent a perp from doing any damage to an officer while being transported.

The Crown Vic has dominated the market because of these advantages, but it will be replaced in 2011 with a version based off of the 2010 Taurus.

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