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20 Most Ridiculous Police Impersonators


18. Cop Impersonator Arrested After Trying to Impress Date

The Kansas City Star via YellowBrix

LENEXA, KS – A 33-year-old Lenexa man was arrested early this morning after his date got suspicious about his claims of being a police officer — which he wasn’t.

The woman called police about midnight Tuesday saying that she was on a date with the man, but got a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. When she tried to end the date, they got into an argument and he threatened to arrest her if she didn’t go to his home, she told police.


Police responded to the McDonald’s restaurant at W. 87th Street and Mauer Road where the woman told them that she was in the early stages of a relationship with a man who was passing himself off as a police officer, said Sgt. Gary Graniewski.

The two were headed in separate cars to the man’s house when “something inside her told her something was wrong,” Graniewski said. The woman decided to pull into the McDonald’s parking lot.

The man followed and an argument ensued with him again telling her he was a police officer and she would be arrested if she did not go with him, Graniewski said.

A small physical altercation occurred and then the man left, she told police. The woman, who was not injured, called police.

Police went to the man’s house, where he was arrested without incident. They searched his house and retrieved several items.

Graniewski declined to say what was recovered, but said that man had several items that could lead some people to believe he was some sort of police officer or other law enforcement officer.

The man was arrested on criminal restraint, battery and false impersonation of a police officer, Graniewski said. The man is expected to make his first appearance today in Johnson County District Court.

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  • 20_normal_max50


    over 5 years ago


    The scarey thing about #12 is he thought the guy was a cop and he was paying him. That really puts a black eye on the badge.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 5 years ago


    These stupid and incompetent Police Impersonators are giving every intelligent and competent Police Impersonator a VERY bad name! Aren't there any licensing, etc. type requirements for this type of profession? If so, why aren't they or any other regulations covering this work being used or strictly enforced? A REAL Police Officer at the very minimum must go through a Police Academy, Even AFTER successful completion of such rigorous training, the REAL P.O. THEN has to go through a career filled with continuous follow-up training to keep up with the ever-changing job and societal requirements, which are the nature of the beast. I say we get these wanna-be's licencesed, controlled and regulated as quickly as possible before MORE Mayor's and other good and innocent folks are wrongly pulled over and harassed!

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