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The Ticket – Part 2

Chaplain Bill Wolfe

Hi, and welcome to the… well, I started to say “Back to School Edition,” but I guess most everyone starts back to school in August anymore. Gee…it’s been six years since I wrote “Can Anything Good Come Out of Baylor?” Well, on the 15th of August something good did…we got to watch our daughter receive her PhD diploma! Elisabeth once wrote a column here for me entitled “My Dad the Deputy.” I guess now I need to write one entitled “My Daughter the Doctor.” Oh, but I’ve already got one work-in-progress. Lesseee…where was I?

To refresh our memories…

“The Ticket.” Nope, not a lottery ticket. The “Press hard…4 copies. Green one to the violator” kind of ticket. Perspiration…no, I mean, inspiration came to me the other day when I was filling out a citation. You’ve been with me long enough to know that I like using analogies to make a point. Well, here’s one more. :-D

I started contemplating the similarities of things drivers say when you stop them to excuses people give when someone starts talking about God and especially having to give an account for their actions.

OK, let’s see what I can do with these scenarios.

“Sir, I stopped you because you popped up on my radar at …”
“I couldn’t have been going that fast. My speedometer said I was going …”
Or (I love this one)
“I couldn’t have been going that fast! I had my cruise set at 75.”
“Oh, so your intent was to exceed the speed limit?”

Well, to begin with, I’m sure those of you who work traffic will agree that almost everyone you stop for speeding will lie or argue about how fast they were going. But what do we tell them? “We go according to my radar, not your speedometer.” To carry this over to the spiritual application: God sets the rules, not us. Telling Him that we’re not guilty is about as productive as telling the officer, “I wasn’t going that fast.”

“Ma’am, the problem is that the speed limit is only …”
“Oh. I didn’t know.”
“There’s a sign back there just before you crossed the cattle guard.”
“There was?”
“Yes, ma’am, you drove straight at it for a quarter of a mile.”

There will be those who stand in the “divine traffic court” and plead “not guilty by way of ignorance.” Again, what do we tell them? Essentially we say, “Too bad, so sad, sign here.” There will be those who plead ignorance who will be reminded of all the times they stayed in a motel with a Bible in the night stand; all the times they went to Grandma’s house where the family Bible was in plain sight. You get the idea.

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