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The Art of the Chase: Vehicle Pursuits

The Art of the Chase: Vehicle Pursuits

Sergeant George M. Godoy

3. An officer initiating a pursuit notifies the dispatcher that a pursuit is underway and gives all the following information, EXCEPT:

a) Police unit identification

b) Location, speed and direction of travel

c) Reason for the pursuit

d) Suspect vehicle description, including license number

e) The last time the officer was involved in a vehicle pursuit

The correct answer is e). Only information pertinent to the vehicle pursuit that aids the dispatcher or backup officers in the apprehension of the suspect is transmitted.

4. The Number One factor studies have determined supporting vehicle pursuits is

a) traffic and road conditions

b) offense committed by the suspect

c) volume, type, speed and direction of the traffic

d) officer’s driving skill

The correct answer is b). Results of a study indicate that law enforcement personnel and members of the public focus on the severity of the offense committed by the suspect when supporting a pursuit. The second most important factor was the risk to the public (defined by traffic, road conditions, and the weather).

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